Pure Joy

Sometimes a photo says more than words ever can.

First Snow of 2012


I really truly thought this day would never come and we’d have yet another green or brown Christmas. But it happened. SNOW CAME!!!! It’s not sticking but my goodness is the first snow the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Growing up in Illinois I’ve been lucky enough to experience 29 winters and yet every time it snows I feel like it’s the first time. There’s just something magical about those little white flakes gliding down.

Has it snowed where you live yet?


    • says

      She was so excited she ran right out in her jammies. There’s no stopping “tank” when she’s on a mission.

  1. says

    How cute. We have had a dusting that is all. I want my snow. I live in Western NY because we enjoy winters and nice summers. If we have another green winter I’ll cry! Like you I feel like a kid every single time the first snow arrives:)

  2. says

    What a beautiful photo! I always love the first snow as well. I cannot wait to have a thick layer of the white stuff – the kind that gets that crust of ice on top and then when the sun comes out, everything just sparkles.

  3. deb c says

    This is the most precious picture. I love it. No snow here. We only get about 1 inch every couple of years.

  4. says

    She is just too cute!! This picture just screams happiness :) We had a little last month – can’t wait for our REAL snow :)