Pinterest Find | Is Magic Cake Really Magical?

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As an avid Pinterest user, I’m constantly pinning, bookmarking and trying new recipes. There are times I will find and try a recipe that is so delicious that I just have to share it. Sometimes, the recipe is just okay and we try it once or twice but never see it again. And there are of course times when a recipe is just so gross I have to wonder if I screwed up the recipe somehow. Today, I tried one that is somewhere between ehh and ick. Closer to the ick part though.

Magic Cake!

I’m sure by now you’ve seen this pass through your Pinterest stream. It’s pretty, intriguing and has simple enough instructions to just give it a whirl. The idea of a single cake batter magically turning into 3 layers of cake first had me thinking it was a trick but then had me thinking, I must try this.

And so that’s what I spent my Monday doing … making Magic Cake.

The process is simple enough. You whip some egg whites, fluff some sugar and egg yolks, add in some flour and fold the egg whites back in. This results in a light and slightly foamy batter that reminds me of sponge cake. When it goes in the baking dish it’s definitely one solid color and texture.

How to Make Magic Cake


When it comes out of the oven it gets dusted with powder sugar. Right away I could see two very distinct layers, the supposed third, ehh maybe if you strain your eyes a bit.

Out of the pan it’s a beautiful yet simple cake. But that’s where I stopped enjoying it. The bottom layer is suppose to be custard-like but in reality it tasted like a baked omelette. The middle layer is a very fluffy and light cake but lacks any sort of flavor. The top is a bit crunchy and the sweetness from the powdered sugar helps (I even added some cinnamon and nutmeg) but overall, there’s just not much more than an overwhelming flavor of egg.

Magic Cake Recipe

I’m sure someone out there will love this cake but me personally, it’s getting filed away in the do-not-bake-ever-again folder.

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  1. Margot C says

    Yuck! I have never seen or heard of this before (fortunately it seems).
    Go Cat taking one for the team so I don’t have to!

  2. says

    I haven’t seen this until your post (where have I been?!), but it immediately made me think of Jello 1-2-3. I guess it’s the 3 layers part? Too bad it didn’t work out!

  3. Irina says

    Dang it! I JUST put this cake in the oven! Wish I would have seen your article before I tried it, LOL! Ahh well. Ya live, ya learn.

  4. kathy says

    I made this cake and it was great, a soft custard center that melted in your mouth and a nice crunchy top YUMMY!!! I also made a chocolate version( that can be found on whiteonrice web site) that is out of this world delish

  5. Jenee Nguyen says

    You didn’t do anything wrong. I made this cake too, and it was really awful! I completely agree with all of your “flavor notes.” Lol. However, I’ve made a similar recipe to this before called Lemon Pudding Cakes from a Food and Wine Magazine cookbook, and it’s one my husband’s (and dog’s) favorite desserts ( No omelette flavor. And there are two layers with a nice lemon custard on the bottom and a distinct light cake layer on top.

  6. Kelly says

    You did something wrong because the picture of your cake does not look like the original one. I made this cake and it wa phenomenal. No scrambled egg texture anywhere. You really should try it again.

  7. Rachel says

    I have to say, I made this magic cake last night and brought it into work to share and it’s been a big hit! My cake looks slightly different than yours though. It wasn’t omelette-y at all, but a nice dense custard. I’m wondering if our recipes were different, or if other factors caused your cake to turn out so icky? I recommend trying again! It really is a tasty cake, and great for breakfast with some fresh fruit. :)

  8. Anne says

    Thanks for sharing your experience with this. I appreciate the fact that you haven’t fallen into the every-recipe-and-picture-must-be-cookbook-material category! I find that type of food blog less than useful, for the most part, and much prefer your honest impressions. It makes me more likely to try your successful recipes!

  9. jimmy says

    Hi, I’m also pinterest sucker, and i have done 4 trials with the recipe, and at first it was a disaster, especially that oven temp was supposed to be around 150C-160C, and when i saw the youtube of the original recipe, i was so curious since i thought icing sugar was used instead of reg sugar, so in it,the batter was somewhat thick. So when i did ,my own trials, the better result, with dense bottom, custardy middle & spongy top, happenned when i split the reg sugar in half, amd whip the half to make a stable meringue. And the use of pie-like pan is suggested since it supports the top from flopping down too much. Hope this helps

  10. Jacquie says

    I tried this recipe, but instead of vanilla extract, I used almond extract, wow was it delicious. I would suggest you give it one more try using the almond, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It is now one of my daughters favorite desserts.

  11. Kimar says

    I have made this recipe countless times and it has never come out looking like that. I wonder if you over blended the egg whites? Or if you used a different recipe than I have. I’m not sure, but something definitely went wrong with the recipe you used.
    You really should try it again.