Photography – Looking at the Sky

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One of my favorite hobbies is looking at the world around me … the flowers, the trees, the animals and most often, the sky. Which probably explains why I’m such a klutz tripping over stuff all of the time. When I’m not chasing down thunderstorms trying to capture pictures of lightning, I’m taking snapshots of the beautiful cloud formations and colors.

Golden Edged Cloud

Pink Painted Sky Illinois

Illinois Orange Moon

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  1. That first picture is my favorite! I read once that looking at beautiful landscapes triggers a part of the brain (in all humans) that feels euphoria? Takes me to another place. :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous…LOVE the 2nd pic it’s beautiful!

  3. Oh WOW Cat!
    Seriously, those are all amazing pictures-you should look into becoming a professional(if you aren’t already one that is)! Seriously, because all of your pictures are breathtaking.

    • Kayla, I’ve been looking at photography classes at the local college but to be totally honest … I’m scared. LOL I’m 28 years old and would likely be surrounded by kids fresh out of high school.

  4. Amazing photos Cat. Love them all but love the 2nd one!

  5. Wow, those photos are amazing!

  6. OMG! Those are stunning shots!!!

  7. Love those pictures!!

  8. I love them!!!! Beautiful

  9. Wow those are gorgeous Cat!

  10. The second photo looks like a painting. Great photos!

  11. Ooh those are awesome pics! Love the pretty moon one.

  12. Beautiful pictures! You captured some really nice colors.

  13. those are all awesome, second one is my fave!!

  14. Awesome shots – I love all of these!

  15. I’m still a kid at heart! Love looking at the clouds to see if I can see any figures in them. Although they’re beautiful, I’m not a fan of the big thunderstorm clouds though. Find myself searching the bottom of them and looking for the signs of any tornadoes dipping down from them.

  16. Those are gorgeous captures Cat!

  17. Those are amazing shots, Cat!

  18. Wendi says:

    I love all of those pictures so pretty…

  19. Wow, there are great picture. They are so beautiful and it is amazing how the sky can change so much. I love it.

  20. I know I have said this before, but Cat you are getting really good with your camera!

  21. Those are GORGEOUS!! You will have to teach me how to take the one of the moon and how to take photos of lightening. I have never been able to get either of those so beautifully.
    I am in awe of your photos, they just are so beautiful… Is there anything you can’t do??? =)

  22. Those are awesome!

  23. Those are GREAT pictures. I love nature photos!

  24. Love that pink sky! I have dozens of photos of the sky as the sun comes up over the Rockies out our window and dozens more as the sun sets. There’s just something so beautiful about it. We love watching the light change over the valley and up the sides of the mountains as the sun sets in the evening!

  25. LOVE! Good job, as always, with your photography skills!

  26. Donna B. says:

    Gorgeous photos!

  27. Photography: painting with light.

    You nailed it….great work.

  28. These are gorgeous photos. I never take the time to appreciate the beauty but a couple bruises wouldn’t be bad to endure to see it LOL.

  29. Lindsay S says:

    I love your photography. i have been contemplating taking it up as a hobby! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  30. great post , great template , just awesome : )