Photography – Little Football Dudes, Go Titans!

Today, my little football dude played his first real game of football. After a few weeks of 4 days a week practices in the sweltering heat, he put his new skill set to use on the field. My husband says he’s an “offensive tackle” and alternates as a “defensive tackle” sometimes but don’t ask me what any of that means. All I know is he squats, crashes into someone and it’s over. What I do know for sure is it’s a sport he’s quickly learning to love, has a lot of fun with it and is positively redirecting his excess energy.

Chatham Titans White 5th Grade Football Team

My first moment of panic set in the second I saw who my son was matched up against on the line. The kid in the red pants on the left was at minimum, as tall as me. He was a good foot taller than every other kid on the field too. I still giggle thinking back to my husband muttering, I want to see that kid’s birth certificate. He was HUGE! Fortunately for my son, he was more like a big teddy bear and didn’t offer much resistance.

Mattison Davis 5th Grade Titans White



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    I love the way you are documenting all of this. That last picture is totally cool, one that would be great framed!

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    I remember my older girl playing flag football when a HUGE kid just ran smack dab into her and knocked her flat on her bum. Before I could even finish putting the baby in her seat to go down to the field, she bounced up and was right back in the game! They love it when we show up to cheer them on!

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    My son is playing football again this year too and he loves every minute of it. And honestly, I love being a football mom. My son is really small for his age and some of the teams we played last year were HUGE! I know I kept saying, “what are they feeding these kids?”

    I’m glad your son is loving it! Its a great sport!