Photography – He’s Growing Up and Moving On

Yesterday was the final game of the season (ended 4-3) for my little Titan. Well, I’d like to think he’s still little but truth is, Matt is the tallest and heaviest kid on his team (not fat, just built big). He’s anything but little. Just looking at the picture my husband took of us made me see just how big he’s gotten.

ccfl titans white

In the 5th grade my son about a foot shorter than me, we wear the same shoe size and I could probably wear his shirts if I was brave enough to try one on.

Thinking about all of this, seeing the picture, it has made me realize just how short time is, how quickly it all moves and grows.

I realize I don’t blog about my son a lot but I want to respect his privacy. At his age, his life is truly becoming his own and what I share about him, is completely up to him.


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    No, he’s not moving on YET!!! He’s still a little one, just not as little. :) My son stopped allowing me to use his photos a couple of years ago. I can use anything up to the point of the ban, but not beyond. I don’t like it, but I totally respect it. I keep hoping he’ll throw me a bone now and then and let me use a few. ;)

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    This made me catch my breath. He is growing up so much! My little boy will be that big just as fast and I’ll be honest – it makes me a smidge sad. Right now he is teeny, I can lift him over my head and he is madly in love with spiderman. Tomorrow? He’ll be as big as your football star!

    Sounds like he had a pretty great season!

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    Right there with you CAT. I have to get approval for my posts.

    What a handsome, young man you have. And great season, btw.

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    What a very handsome young man you’ve got there :)
    I really respect your choice to give your son his privacy when it comes to blogging-That’s very admirable!