Phantom Baby Teeth

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You know, I’ve been waiting and waiting and waitinnnggg to blog about Emmaleigh’s first teeth. In the past week we had a lot of excitement (yes, teeth are exciting because my kids are my life). Emma had her first two little teeth pop right through the bottom gums. Well, long story short, I’ve been doing my darndest to snap of photo of her pearly whites but the girl will not let me in her mouth. I’ve tried coaxing it open with food, tickles even tried to pry it open with me fingers at one point. What did I get in return? A hand full of slobber and a finger in pain because the little bugger bit me.

I just conceded to the fact that I would not get any photos of her teeth to share. Plan B – get the video camera out. Oh yeah, I would have an adorable little video to share plus a glimpse of the phantom teeth. I think we know where this is going right? I ended up with 3 minutes of footage of this girl growling at me like a little bear and no teeth in sight. I’ve given up. My 7 month old daughter has beaten me. All I have to share is 1 minute of this girl and her smiles, one good growl but no teeth.

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  1. She is too cute. What a great smile (even if you can’t see her teeth)!

  2. She is a cutie!

  3. She is a grinning away at you!!!

    what a sweet girl


  4. Jessica Matthews says:

    she is so cute anyhow. I think it is part of their programming to never share what their teeth look like in an attempt to make us as mothers look like big ole liars lol.

  5. What a cutie pie.

  6. Awww…love her smile and little growl! lol So sweet! :)

  7. She is adorable. Too bad they won’t ever “perform” on demand! LOL

  8. LOL tooo funny You’ll see them peek out more in no time Congrats to ur baby girl teeth are fun

  9. So so cute! i was actually anticipating for the teeth..wahah

  10. Oh that is so UBER.CUTE!!!!
    That little bald head and wide eyes make for one beautiful baby :D
    (and I did get a flash of teeth every now and again)

  11. She is so cute Cat!! Happy Saturday :)

  12. Crystal Allen says:

    she is a doll! thanks for sharing your video with us!

  13. Hahaha she knew what you wanted and was doing everything but!

    I loved the growl, too cute.

  14. She is the most adorable little thing :)

  15. You should have seen me trying to look down my monitor INTO her mouth, then I thought DUH, she told me you couldn’t see her teeth! I was also opening MY mouth trying to get her to open mine…Then I just looked around me to see if The Hubs saw what I was doing… OMG, I have GOT to get away from this computer!! HaHa
    That was such a cute video, teeth or not… I love the growl when she picked up the animal book, such a doll.
    Thanks for sharing (even if it DID make me look like an idiot!)

  16. I’m sorry but I HAVE to give her a big ‘ol *smooch*!!

  17. Omg isn’t she the cutest thing ever. I beat once you turned that video camera off she was giving you those pearly whites. Seems like they do that all the time to you ! Cat , she is a doll! Hope you have a great week!

  18. she is such a darling little girl how super cute her smile just lights up the room. I love teeth too it is so exciting to see the new tooth each time one is cut

  19. I hear ya!
    My 7 month old is doing the same thing!
    My husband is in Afghanistan, so I have been TRYING to get a pic to show him!
    I finally had to get it when he was sleeping!
    Now that the little one has 2 on bottom and 2 coming in on top, I really want a picture…

    • Sleeping! Now why didn’t I think of that? Oh…wait…I touch her why she’s sleeping she might wake up. lol

  20. Nancy says:

    Children rarely perform on cue, as we probably have all found out on numerous times in our lives! She’s precious!