My Girls and Me … Building Strong Bones Together with Viactiv


Did you know ... Almost 70% of women, on average, are calcium deficient. However, that number jumps significantly for teen girls: 86% of teen girls do not get enough calcium in their daily diets. This is critical because 95% of bone building happens by age 20. As the mom of two daughters, I often worry about providing my girls with nutritionally balanced meals. Given the fact I'm not a nutritionist or dietitian, I can't say with any certainty … [Read more...]

A Smile Changes Everything #PowerOfASmile

smiling kids

A smile is one of the simplest expressions we can share with the people around us. It's a way to spread joy without much effort at all. My own children, they smile dozens of times every single day. In fact, seeing their little smiles every day ¬†are one of the best parts of being a mother for me. When I'm in the worst of moods, one little puffy cheeked grin from my little Emma can turn my whole day around. But not every parent is so … [Read more...]

Lightened Up Blended Iced Coffee Recipe

Lightened Up Iced Coffee Drink Recipe

This spring warm up has got me thinking about all of the cool drinks I missed during those cold winter months. While I enjoyed the warm mugs of hot cocoa and hot tea at bedtime, it's time to cool things down. One of my favorite summer drinks is a tall glass of iced coffee, especially if it's all blended together like a milkshake. Unfortunately, that iced coffee drink is usually full of high calorie ingredients like cream, ice cream, sugar or … [Read more...]

Weekend Things | Lots of Gardening Going On


After my dental surgery last Tuesday, I really hadn't planned on doing much of anything this past weekend. The idea was to kick back, relax and try to heal. Even though I spent most of the weekend in a tremendous amount of pain, it just isn't in my nature to sit around and do nothing. Instead, we went out searching for new apple trees. Last fall I planted two trees but our dog thought they'd make great chew toys and chewed them both down to … [Read more...]

Coconut Kissed JELL-O Rainbow Layer Cake for Spring

Rainbow Layer Cake for Spring

We spent most of Easter weekend relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. When I found myself actually starting to get a sun burn (that's what I get for being so pale), I snuck inside to work on baking a layer cake for after our Easter dinner. I was pretty skeptical about the sour cream in the frosting, to the point I almost replaced it with cream cheese. However, I didn't. And I'm glad. Sour cream gives it a very unique flavor that I would almost … [Read more...]

Grow Beauty & Peace #GroSomethingGreater


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine. I can’t say that I live a more stressful life than anyone else but mine does come with its fair share of stress and struggles. How I choose to face those and move past them is what makes life so very much worth living. Each year, we endure months of bitter cold and downright depressing weather. Eventually, the sun warms our little space on this … [Read more...]

Sweet & Savory Pumpkin Muffins Recipe #PumpkinCan

Easy Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Libby's. All opinions are 100% mine. When I think about pumpkins, I think about Fall, Halloween and especially Thanksgiving. I think about pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced coffee and carving pumpkins for decorations. I’m guessing most people think about the same things when talking about pumpkins. But there are some very good reasons to use pumpkins throughout the year. Recently I … [Read more...]

Happy Easter

Kaydee Emma Easter 2014

I hope y'all have a wonderful and blessed Easter holiday! We'll be spending out day hunting Easter eggs, cooking up a delicious ham, carving into a special cake and hopefully some relaxing in between. Oh, and probably trying to tame the kids with their awful sugar high from all the Easter candy. … [Read more...]

Spring Tulip Centerpiece with DIY Burlap Wrapped Ball Green Heritage Collection Mason Jars

Spring Tulips Bouquet with burlap wrapped mason jars

*Ball provided me with mason jars. Even more than the warm weather and green grass, there's something I love above all else about Spring and that's the tulips. While I wait for my own to bloom, if the bunnies don't munch them up, I enjoy the tulips from the local grocery stores. These particular tulips were just too pretty for an ordinary vase. I love to use my mason jars for canning, storage and many other things but my favorite use is … [Read more...]

Put a Stop to Embarrassing Gas with CharcoCaps & WIN!

charcocaps gassy foods

It's no secret that I love cooking for my family. It's not only my job, it's a passion of mine. Unfortunately, the foods I love cooking (and eating) often taste amazing but leave me with an unpleasant reminder that sometimes the things I love doesn't always love me back. By that, I mean, many of of my favorite foods leave me with bloating and unpleasant gas. It's something that isn't so much a problem at home but definitely leaves me feeling … [Read more...]