Creamy Vegetable Casserole Side Dish Recipe #CansGetYouCooking

Creamy Vegetable Casserole with Panko Recipe #CansGetYouCooking

Since I grew up with a mom that loves to cook homemade meals, it only seems right that I share that some love of cooking. It wasn't until my 20's that I developed that passion but that doesn't mean I didn't pick up a few tips and tricks from her along the way. One of the biggest tips I got from my mom was to keep a pantry (or better yet a cantry) stocked full of canned vegetables and fruits. Why? Because canned foods make homemade easy! Rather … [Read more...]

Start Your Day Right with 7 Breakfast Sandwiches Under 300 Calories from Jimmy Dean Delights

Jimmy Dean Delights

This post brought to you by Jimmy Dean®. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Food Family & Finds. I'd imagine that like most people in the new year, we share many of the same resolutions. For my husband and I, ours are to lose excess weight, make healthier food choices and get fit together. To achieve that goal we're taking small steps like tracking our progress together, eating breakfast together (a meal we use to skip) and … [Read more...]

Strawberry & White Chocolate Pink Ombre Pudding Cups for Valentine’s Day

strawberry white chocolate pink ombre pudding recipe for Valentine's Day

I don't like to make a huge deal out of Valentine's Day. It is a pretty commercial holiday after all. But I do love to use this holiday as a reminder to my family of just how much I love and appreciate them. The way I usually show that is through my cooking and baking. As of now, they're about the only skills I have going for me so I use them to the best of my ability. But sometimes, kids just enjoy simplicity! And that's exactly what these … [Read more...]

Disney World Liberty Tree Tavern Restaurant Review

Disney World Liberty Tree Tavern Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake Dessert

When my husband and I sat down to plan out our Disney World vacation in 2014, we had a pretty straight forward to-do list. He wanted to pack in as many character meetings as possible and I was 100% focused on the meal planning. If you've ever tried to plan meals at Disney World, you know it takes a lot of work and has to be done in advance if you want any shot at getting a table. With that in mind, I made a list of priority sit-down restaurants I … [Read more...]

How to Create a Sick Day Survival Kit with Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges

How to Make A Sick Day Survival Kit

This post brought to you by Chloraseptic®. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Food Family & Finds. It was about two weeks ago when my family first got hit with the seasonal flu. Shortly after, about half of us got a bonus stomach flu. And if that wasn't enough, I was the lucky recipient of Streptococcal pharyngitis, more commonly known as Strep Throat. This is the third time in my life that this awful bacteria has invaded … [Read more...]

Juicy Fruit® gum with Starburst® flavors and Free Printable Valentine’s Day Gum Wrappers

Valentines Day Printable Gum Wrappers Juicy Fruit

This post brought to you by Wrigley Jr. Company. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Food Family & Finds. When I was a kid, the thing I loved most about Valentine's Day was sitting on my parent's living room floor making fun Valentines to pass out to all of my classmates. Often times, those would include some sort of candy like Starburst®. Being totally honest, I was a little greedy and would pick out the red and pink … [Read more...]

Warm Up To Winter with a Bacon, Hot Dogs & Beans Chili Recipe #KraftRecipes

Beanie Weenies Stew Recipe #KraftRecipes

January is often most well known as a month of New Year resolutions, a fresh start (and my birthday) but in these parts, it's regarded as one of the coldest months of the year. Snow is almost always on the ground, temperatures are well below freezing and the only thing anyone wants to do is cozy up indoors with someone they love and a big, snugly blanket. For me, it's the perfect month to cook up my favorite soup recipes, baked desserts and … [Read more...]

Romantic Valentine’s Day Dessert – 3 Ingredient Chocolate Covered Cherry Angel Food Cake Recipe

chocolate covered cherry angel food cake

My husband says he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body but I think that's just not true. I find that he's truly sweet and romantic when he's not actually *trying* to be. It doesn't happen often so I try to make up for what he lacks in that area of our relationship. Usually that involves baking. While we don't make a big deal out of Valentine's Day, we do try to enjoy a little alone time together after the kids have gone to bed. That's … [Read more...]