She Gave Me a Buzz

fuzzy haired toddler 2

I live in a house of pranksters, from my husband to my toddler to my son. They seem to get quite the kick out of making me freak out, scream like a little girl or just drop my jaw. But this one...I was NOT expecting. So I'm sitting at the computer minding my own business and I hear down the hallway my husband say, "Kaydee, no, don't touch the outlet!" I thought nothing of it knowing that we have covers on all of them. But with vacuuming it was … [Read more...]

Playskool Blocksters Review- Educational and Fun

blocksters babies

Did you know that when your child is playing with a toy that requires lifting lids and exploring movable parts your child is also building the muscles he or she will need to grip a pencil when it's time for school? This can be especially important for children learning hand writing skills in the near future. This is just one idea behind the Playskool Blocksters and Blockimals toy line. Watch this short video below from Playskool to learn how toys … [Read more...]

Giving Thanks to the Little Things

digging dog wall

Earlier this week I found myself a little under the weather thinking about Thanksgiving. This being the first year I haven't celebrated the holiday with my family, for no reason other than no one was in the mood to get together. Despite their hum-bug mentality, I have so many reasons to be thankful today, so many reason to turn my frown upside down and so many reasons to enjoy the moment. Today I'm thankful... my husband brought such an … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Baby Steps


The days of crawling are just about gone. More and more each day, Emma spends more time walking and has just about mastered getting from point A to B without stumbling. Don't forget to drop the link to your WW post so I can pop over for a visit this week. … [Read more...]

I’ve got the Thanksgiving Blues

thanksgiving turkey swanson

Thanksgiving is just two days away and I'm feeling a little blue about it. This will be the first year in 26 years that we didn't celebrate the day with a big turkey, all the fixin's and my crazy family all talking over each other. It's a good kind of crazy and I'll miss it. My kids are going to miss it. I'm especially sad for Emma as this is her first Thanksgiving. She'll be missing out her cousins fighting over who gets to hold her, she'll … [Read more...]

I Should Not be a Mom to Girls

brush stuck in curly hair

It's the truth. I just don't have a girly bone in my body and find myself completely clueless when it comes to being a mom to girls. With my son, it's easy as pie, I grab the clippers, buzz off the hair, line up the back and he's good to go. My curly, fluffy headed daughter is an entirely different story. One that luckily ended well yesterday. You see, she's a girl. Not just any girl but the kind that wants her piggies painted, pretty … [Read more...]

Holiday Candles from Partylite

partylite peppermint delight

With all of the stress that leads up to the holidays, there's one part of it that just makes it all kind of melt away...the decorations. They're bright and cheery, reds, greens, white and gold. There's something about Christmas colors and characters that just bring a smile to my face every single year. Growing up, our house was always filled with decorations by the dozens. If there was a surface, it has something on it like a basket of mini … [Read more...]

Rigging up the Lights


The 1st thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me... Finding a Christmas Tree! The 2nd thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me... Rigging up the Lights! Yeah...let's stop with that one. I know it's not even Turkey Day yet but I've got a good reason for putting up the lights this early. Up here in Illinois winter is a bear and there's no way to tell when the temperature will just take a nose dive right into the 20's. Believe me, … [Read more...]

Our Taste of Sam’s Club Experience

sams club blogger

As I mentioned earlier this week, Sam's Club is hosting a holiday food sampling event, Taste of Sam's. Each store is featuring a number of holiday menu foods from cheese n crackers to spiral sliced ham. Yesterday was the first day of the event and we were there to check out all of the goodies and do a little bit of holiday shopping ourselves. Right through the doors we were greeted by a lovely woman passing out informational handouts that … [Read more...]

Just Call Me Boots

dora and boots

It's funny how kids just know things about you that you never realized yourself. They see the dynamics of your family in a way that adults are just oblivious to. You see, my two year old daughter, Kaydence, has an obsession with Dora the Explorer (and Diego). What toddler doesn't these day? No complaints from me, I think she's a fabulous role model for young children. Actually, I take that back, the one complaint I have is that my daughter now … [Read more...]