Televisions are Less Boring with Roku

roku prize

Even with 600 plus channels on my television, I often find myself flipping from channel to channel, scanning past the mind numbing commercials and avoiding the made for the TV movies. I'm also not a fan of paying $3.99 to order a movie, even for movies that have been on DVD for over a decade. What I do enjoy is Roku! What is Roku? Roku is a little box that allows you to instantly stream entertainment on your TV. Watch movies and TV shows from … [Read more...]

Holiday Pics & Wishes from American Greetings

american greetings card s 5

This holiday season you have the opportunity to think outside of the box with your holiday greeting cards. In fact, you can skip right past the expensive photo cards, labels, long lines at the post office and often confusing ordering process thanks to the new Holiday Pics & Wishes from American Greetings. In five easy steps you can create a holiday greeting card that comes to life with the integration of slide shows, voice messages and … [Read more...]

Eureka Whirlwind Vacuum & Filtrete Accessories Review

eureka filtrete giveaway

As a mom, I spend a lot of my time cleaning as I'm sure most do. To get the job done right, we need tools that are going to work as hard as we do and do it well. Recently, I tested the Eureka Whirlwind Vacuum cleaner to see how well it would tackle not only the messes left behind in my own home but my parents home as well. Not only do my kids and cats do a great job of leaving crumbs and pet hair all over my flooring but we spend a lot of time … [Read more...]

Holiday Shopping with

diaperscom christmas gifts

One of the most stressful parts of holiday shopping for me is always fighting the crowds and traffic of last minute shoppers like myself. This holiday season, I have been fortunate enough to minimize that stress by shopping online with Before shopping there myself, I had always assumed it was a shopping source for nothing more than diapers and baby wipes. The truth is, is a one stop shop for all things needed for babies … [Read more...]

Pictures You Won’t See on Our Christmas Card

sack kids

I'm not typically a procrastinator by nature but when it comes to getting things done around the holidays I tend to drag my feet. The one thing I always forget is to buy the kids holiday outfits and schedule a family photo for Christmas. Here it is the first week of December and I've done neither of the mentioned things. Hoping I could just skip the matchy-matchy clothes and dragging the kids into the portrait studio, I thought I'd dig through … [Read more...]

The Original Christmas Classics on Blu-ray

original christmas classics blu ray

Do you remember when Rudolph visited the island of misfit toys, when Kris Kringle became Santa Claus or when Frosty magically came to life on Christmas Eve? Growing up, I remember watching all of those moments when I saw the original classic movies, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town and Frosty the Snowman. All of these cherished films are now available in a boxed DVD set and the new digitally remastered Blu-ray … [Read more...]

Holiday Gifts for Girls from Hayneedle

hayneedle gift

This holiday season, if you happen to be on the hunt for some unique gifts for girls, you should definitely be browsing Haydneedle. I was thinking of how big my daughter, Kaydence, has gotten and her love of all things girly and decided that her "big" Christmas gift this year would be one of the bathroom vanities designed just for a little princess. Every little girl needs a place to do her hair, paint her nails and keep her jewelry, which is why … [Read more...]

Wilton Holiday Gingerbread Memories

gingerbread cookie 1

Searching through my holiday cookie decorating memories, I can't think of a single one that involved gingerbread. That's pretty amazing considering gingerbread could be considered the official cookie of Christmas in most homes. In mine, it has always been sugar cookies but this year, we wanted to reach outside of our little decorating box and have a little gingerbread fun. Wilton, the ultimate brand for cookie cutter's (in my opinion) sent me … [Read more...]