Wordless Wednesday Dedicated to Bryson Ross & Family

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In loving memory of Bryson Drago Ross April 30, 2007 - December 14, 2009 (for more information on this dedication, see Strength in Numbers, Support in Mom Bloggers) If you would like to support this special Wordless Wednesday, please light a candle for Bryson and display it for him on your blog. Link your post up in the community linky below. … [Read more...]

Dyson DC25 Animal vs Oreck XL Gold First Impressions Review


They say you only have one chance to make a first impression but I think, if you give a person or product enough time, impressions will evolve. Today, I'm giving you my first impressions in a Dyson DC25 Animal vs Oreck XL Gold review series and see how the two stack up against each other. In the next few weeks, we're going to toss the product claims aside and see just how well these vacuums stack up in real in-home tests. To get started, let's … [Read more...]

Local Event – Peoria Festival of Lights

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Every once in awhile I find something interesting going on in my hometown of Springfield, IL - whether it be a local event, local flavor or a local view. Each week I'll bringing a piece of my life to the online world in a series called Let's Get Local. I encourage anyone and everyone to join in and share a little bit of their own local flair to introduce us to people and places we may never visit. During the Christmas holiday season, one of … [Read more...]

Mixed Review for Think Wow Toys ICEE and Chuck E Cheese Pizza Maker

pizza maker dough

New on the market from the Wowee Think Wow toy line comes the EZ-2 Make! selection of toys that introduces kids to the science and fun behind cooking in the kitchen. These are a great way to have a little cooking fun with the younger children in a safer environment than your kitchen cooking appliances. EZ2Make – Fun Food in minutes! is a fun and innovative line of real food-making products that lets kids interact with their parents in the … [Read more...]

Conversation of a Confused Husband


There are times in my life when I have a conversation with my husband that is absurdly humorous and just worth putting down for a good laugh down the road. The other night we had one of those. The key back story - I'm a slightly lazy housewife. Which means, occasionally often I don't mess with making the bed or if I'm especially lazy, I forget to put the sheets back on the bed after washing them. Terrible, I know. Well, as luck would have it, I … [Read more...]

Consequences of Raising Daughters

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It wasn't until our daughter's were born that I realized how much more difficult it would be to raise a girl. Everyone had always told us, "girls are so much easier" "girls potty train quicker" "girls are less messy"... uh huh. Sounds nice right? Well, they aren't raising MY daughters. The truth is, my 2 year old daughter, Kaydence, is far more messier than my son. She won't hesitate to grab some poo out of her diaper and squish it between her … [Read more...]

Tag Junior Book Pal Review

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Meet the LeapFrog Tag Junior Book Pal Reading System A love of books starts long before children can read - and its benefits can last a lifetime.  Using the same amazing touch technology as the Tag™ Reading System, the Tag™ Junior book pal is designed to encourage toddlers' natural desire to explore, while introducing preschool skills through playful book-based activities. How Does the Tag Junior System Work? Each Tag Junior Book Pal System … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Oh Christmas Tree

christmas tree 2009

Even though I rarely admit it and my family can't tell, decorating the Christmas tree really is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I may get irked when someone puts a bulb out of place, I may give a shout when the pine needles poke my fingers and I may even spit a little fire at my husband if he turns out the lights before I'm done....but the finished project makes it all worth it. The funny part of the whole scenario is that this … [Read more...]

The First Snow

first snow

I know I often complain that Illinois is a never ending land of cornfields and cows, but there is one thing that makes it worth living here for. SNOW!!!! If you happen to live in a part of the country that isn't blessed with this powdery, white miracle, you are truly missing out. And of course, the FIRST snow fall of the year is always the best! For day's I have been anticipating its arrival since I first saw the forecast and there I … [Read more...]

Super Mom’s serve Ronzoni Spaghetti Review

ronzoni smart taste

Mom's, how you are getting added fiber and calcium into your kid's food at the dinner table? My guess, it's not with liver and onions and brussel sprouts! Before I go into this further, just take a peek at this 2 minute "SuperMom" video from Ronzoni, it's a hoot. Okay, so really, no kid is going to get excited over food high in calcium and fiber like liver, or brussel sprouts, but they will get excited for the oh so kid … [Read more...]