We’re Not Crash Test Dummies


...but we sure felt like them last night. It was a typical evening. We ate dinner, got the kids bundled up and packed everyone into the van to make a trip to the grocery store. Here we are just driving down street, having a conversation as we go along and it happened. Just seconds after entering the intersection a large SUV hits the gas to make a turn right in front of us like we were completely invisible. It all happened so fast, yet so … [Read more...]

Holidays Made Simple with Sam’s Club

sams club more feast less fuss

Toss the pumpkins, put away the costumes and hide the candy because the winter holidays are here! Kicking off the holiday season is the launch of the Holidays Made Simple information center at Sam's Club online. This holiday portal brings together everything you need for the holidays including meal plans, gift ideas and special features like Deal of the Day, Gifts Galore and Holiday Helper, all of which I'll be sharing more details on in the … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – We’ve got Baby Steps

walking 8 month old

From the moment my kids were each welcomed into my arms I've experienced some of the most proud, tender and loving moments that money just can't buy. But the one that really just takes the cake for me...their first steps. It's such a powerful and emotional experience for me as a mother to be there to see my little ones make this transition. While I'm never quite ready to have my last baby grow up so quickly, I'm so proud of her for hitting this … [Read more...]

Invasion of Privacy or Proactive Parenting?

love letter to god

I realize this topic could spark a debate but I feel it's a parenting issue worth talking about - your child's right to privacy. I suppose the question that must first be answered is does anyone under 18 living at home have an expectation of privacy? and how much? For our kids this is a tough one. On one hand, I know how it feels to have my personal feelings that were only meant for me, to be seen by my parents, unleashing a web of secrets … [Read more...]

Trick-or-Treating with the Kids


I hope everyone had a very happy Halloween.  Ours was very chilly and tiring but a night to remember. The afternoon was filled with last minute pumpkin carving, costume preparations and of course the trick-or-treating. During our 3 hour venture into the neighborhood I made some very odd observations. Maybe it's the economy or lack of community involvement but I have noticed a trend of non-participation more so this year than in any other year. … [Read more...]

Gerber 8 Grains Yogurt Review

gerber baby thumb

Gerber 8 Grains and Yogurt Cereal adds variety to your baby’s diet while introducing her to the taste of yogurt. It is made with 8 natural grains (Wheat, Barley, Rye, Corn, Sorghum, Rice, Millet, Oat), real yogurt and Live and Active Cultures. 8 Grains and Yogurt has no artificial flavors and is an excellent source of iron for healthy mental development. In addition to real yogurt and contains Live and Active Cultures, GERBER® 8 Grains and … [Read more...]

Cuisinart CleanWater Review

cuisinart sensor

Cuisinart has introduced the latest in innovative, convenient and affordable ways to providing healthier and cleaner filtered water for families. The CleanWater® Countertop Filtration System is ideal for large families thanks to the 2 gallon water tank system or for the smaller household that doesn't want to refill the tank frequently. The unit’s GF-80 filter ensures the safety of your family by significantly reducing contaminants such as lead, … [Read more...]

Local Event – Zoolie Ghoulie

boy vampire costume

Every once in awhile I find something interesting going on in my hometown of Springfield, IL - whether it be a local event, local flavor or a local view. Each week I'll bringing a piece of my life to the online world in a series called Let's Get Local. I encourage anyone and everyone to join in and share a little bit of their own local flair to introduce us to people and places we may never visit. Every year the Springfield Henson Robinson Zoo … [Read more...]

Poop Stories II – The Squirmy Child


Courtesy Warning - Do not read before, during or shortly after any meal. I promised a second edition to my Poop Stories earlier this week and boy is this a whopper. It's almost too disgusting to tell but maybe there is some mom out there that can laugh along with me and know exactly how we felt at that very moment. Our kids are diaper squirmers. Plain and simple. When it comes time to switch out the diaper for a fresh one you would think we … [Read more...]

Dirt Devil Gator Review


Dirt Devil® just announced the latest advancement to the hand vacuum product line with the Dirt Devil® Gator Series, a unique line of hand vacs designed to make dirt disposal easy. The Dirt Devil® Gator Series™ dirt cup flips open for easy emptying versus the traditional two-piece dirt cup that requires users to take the unit apart and remove dirt and dust with their hands. Now, they can just press the release buttons and empty debris without … [Read more...]