Rainbow Cupcakes Gone Oh So Wrong

rainbow cupcakes broken

Despite all of my delicious recipes and food photos, occasionally I do have a baking fail. I actually had a really bad week that resulted in not one but two baking fails. It all started with a Mexican Corn Casserole that had way too much liquid and ended with these pretty, but broken rainbow cupcakes. My girls have become completely obsessed with singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow lately so I thought I'd feed their passions with some rainbow … [Read more...]

Meal from The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook

pioneer woman cookbook meal

First I bought this ... ... then fed my family this. Our menu for the night included these great recipes from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook: Homemade Ranch with Iceberg Wedge Meatloaf PW's Creamy Mashed Potatoes Let me tell you, this was the best meal we've had in months. There's just one problem, I didn't read the serving sizes for any of the recipes and ended up with a meal big enough to feed a family twice our size. On … [Read more...]

NEW Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock {Video Demo}

neutrogena wet skin

Summer is finally here and we all know what that means for families. Like you, we'll be spending a lot of time outside enjoying the sunny days and water play in the pool during the summer heat. As a life long victim of painful sunburns, I understand the importance of using sunblock whenever I go outside. It's also important that my children's skin is protected as well. Rather than layering kids in UV blocking clothes, we look for a sunblock … [Read more...]

So What’s Up with “3 Kids” and Us?


You may have noticed lately, 3 Kids and Us blog has been more us and less about the 3 kids. The truth is, I've been really quiet about the kids because they've been driving me up with wall. Since Emma was born my husband and I have really struggled trying to maintain a little peace and order in our lives. As you may remember, Emma came as quite a shock and unexpected surprise. She's actually the reason I started blogging in the first place. I … [Read more...]

Make Mornings Meaningful with Florida Orange Juice

florida citrus logo

Mornings are often the busiest moments of the day for our family. As our son rushes to grab a quick bite and run out the door to catch the bus, my husband is scrambling to get ready for work and I'm going through the routine of diapers and breakfast with my daughters. Busy mornings mean that we don't get to spend as much time together as a family that I'd like to. To create meaningful moments with my family, even when they're zooming out the … [Read more...]

Capturing Life in Video – Powered by Rayovac

Snapshot 2 (5-23-2011 8-18 PM)

The one thing I love most about technology is that it's always evolving. Every day something new is created or improved to make our lives easier or provide us with tools to capture life around us. This is why I absolutely adore the new Flip HD video recorder I got. With the click of a button I can record everything about our lives from our children's milestones to things I don't want our kids to miss. For example, the other night we had this … [Read more...]

From the Garden, Chicken Club Quesadillas for Two Recipe

chicken club quesadilla square

The other day I was driving past a Taco Bell and got the usual craving for the Chicken Club Chalupa that they make about once a year. Don't ask me why but I am head over heels in love with it and crave it all year long. Rather than wait I decided to make something similar at home. I have no idea how to make the bread Taco Bell uses for their chalupa's so I just went with a regular store bought flour tortilla. Although, I really wish I had the … [Read more...]

Celebrate National Swimsuit Confidence Week with Lands’ End

cat davis lands end swimsuit confidence

Celebrate women of all shapes and sizes and inspire them to have fun this summer by taking part in National Swimsuit Confidence Week.  Lands’ End together with 21 real women from Curvy Girl Guide, will launch the first National Swimsuit Confidence Week May 23 – 27, 2011.  You can be a part of this nationwide effort to inspire women to get off the beach chair this season with confidence. Here’s how you can participate: Get the Twibbon – Go … [Read more...]