Oh My Sugar High Featured on Betty Crocker

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Even though it's technically "Wordless Wednesday", I'm rarely ever at a loss for words. But today, I am ... almost. For those who don't know or just plain forgot (hint, come visit) I started a second blog with my bestest blog buddy Emilie (Baby Loving Mama) where we focus all of our energy on sharing sweet eats, recipes and everything dessert related. All of which can be found at Oh My! Sugar High. Well, we had a really successful start and … [Read more...]

Pumpkins & Skulls Halloween Cereal Treats


Last weekend while I was digging through my cupboards, I bumped into an old (as in from last year) pan that I had forgotten was even there, the Wilton 6-Cavity Skull Pan. Since I had just picked up the Wilton Jack O Lantern Mini Cake Pan I thought these would be cute to pair up for some easy Halloween treats. While they are technically meant to bake mini cakes in, I knew they'd work perfectly for some shaped rice krispies treats. Rice Krispies … [Read more...]

Zoolie Ghoulie Trick-or-Treating Event in Springfield, IL

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Last weekend we made our annual trip to the Henson Robinson Zoo for the Zoolie Ghoulie Trick-or-Treating event in Springfield, IL where kids can walk the zoo dressed in costumes and stop at 20 stations where they get a little candy treat and other goodies. It's not only fun for the kids but each station has advertisers set up that introduces parents to area businesses. It's the perfect event for children of all ages, but especially nice … [Read more...]

Going Green with Rayovac … Online

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When I think of all the efforts our family has made to live a "greener" life whether it be reusable shopping bags, paperless bills or switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs, the most recent green effort we've made is one I'm most proud of. As a blogger, I spend a lot of time on the computer which can be quite the drain on components such as my keyboard and mouse which require fresh batteries nearly every single month. That's a lot of … [Read more...]

Fall Baking with Paula Deen Stoneware Collection Giveaway

paula deen stoneware giveaway

Among the many things I love to do when I'm not blogging and spending time with my family, baking would be at the very top of my list of favorites. Second to baking would be shopping! While shopping at stores locally is great for a day out of the house, sometimes shopping online fits my busy schedule better. One place I love to shop at online is CSN Stores, with over 200 specialty shops, they offer anything you could possibly need whether you're … [Read more...]

Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Stars

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A few nights ago we took the kids out for a late night drive, something we like to do just to get away from the confinement of the house. Which is actually kinda of odd because stuffing 5 people into a Dodge Charger doesn't get much more confined than that. But the cool breeze through the windows, seeing the critters cross our path and following the moon seems to erase the feeling of being stuffed in there like sardines. Anyways, as we're … [Read more...]

Saturday Sweet Shots Photo Recipe Linky #14

Welcome to Saturday Sweet Shots. To get things started, here's a little synopsis of our new weekend meme, feel free to copy and paste on your own blog when participating. Or if you're sharing an older recipe, we'd love for you to add the sweet shots button or a link back to this post. Every weekend we're on the hunt for the tastiest recipes created by moms, dads and friends like us. You don't have to be a chef or fancy baker to create … [Read more...]

Tackling Burger Night with Wisk Stain Spectrum

wisk treated ketchup stain

When it comes to kids and clothing stains, I typically think of the grass, dirt and mud, but while I was going through my laundry this weekend I realized that most of our stains aren't the result of playing outdoors. They mostly come from the dinner table. Kids are messy, especially when it comes to food and getting it from the fork to their mouth. The result ... a lot of carbohydrate stains that are often tricky to get out of clothes. This … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Sweet Eats Around the Blogosphere


Everywhere I look, food bloggers are talking about a popular seasonal fruit ... the pumpkin! Yes, that's right, pumpkins are actually part of the fruit family which includes cucumbers, melons, squash, and gourds, which I would venture to guess is why they make such fabulous sweet desserts. In celebration of pumpkin season I want to share some fabulous pumpkin recipe from bloggers around the web! Pumpkin Sugar Donut Muffins Is it a donut? Is it … [Read more...]