Saturday Sweet Shots Photo Recipe Linky #14

Welcome to Saturday Sweet Shots. To get things started, here's a little synopsis of our new weekend meme, feel free to copy and paste on your own blog when participating. Or if you're sharing an older recipe, we'd love for you to add the sweet shots button or a link back to this post. Every weekend we're on the hunt for the tastiest recipes created by moms, dads and friends like us. You don't have to be a chef or fancy baker to create … [Read more...]

Tackling Burger Night with Wisk Stain Spectrum

wisk treated ketchup stain

When it comes to kids and clothing stains, I typically think of the grass, dirt and mud, but while I was going through my laundry this weekend I realized that most of our stains aren't the result of playing outdoors. They mostly come from the dinner table. Kids are messy, especially when it comes to food and getting it from the fork to their mouth. The result ... a lot of carbohydrate stains that are often tricky to get out of clothes. This … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Sweet Eats Around the Blogosphere


Everywhere I look, food bloggers are talking about a popular seasonal fruit ... the pumpkin! Yes, that's right, pumpkins are actually part of the fruit family which includes cucumbers, melons, squash, and gourds, which I would venture to guess is why they make such fabulous sweet desserts. In celebration of pumpkin season I want to share some fabulous pumpkin recipe from bloggers around the web! Pumpkin Sugar Donut Muffins Is it a donut? Is it … [Read more...]

Glimpse of Fall at the Covered Bridge

covered bridge dad and daughters

Last year when our family was driving between Chatham, IL and Auburn, IL on the way back from a visit to my sister's house, we happened up a sign for a historic site ... a very old covered bridge. I wish I could share the actual name of it or even exactly where it's located, but truth be told, I don't really know. We just followed the sign until we ran right into it. Well this year we went back to it to snap a few photos, hike the trails a bit … [Read more...]

Total Gym, Total Mom Challenge – Week 5 Update

total gym mom week 1 before

During Week 4 of the Total Gym Challenge, I was fighting off feelings of discouragement with my lack of weight loss. Last week, those feelings really took hold of me again when I stepped on the scale to see very little change. But physically, I feel stronger. My lower body workouts are a breeze and my upper body workouts are becoming less of a struggle. I've seen the changes of strength in not only my workouts but in the things I do every … [Read more...]

Scentsy Wickless Candle Warmer Review & Giveaway

scentsy wax sugar cookie

Anyone that knows me well or has even stepped foot in my house, knows that I love candles. And now that I've discovered Scentsy products, I love them even more. We recently received a Full-size ceramic Scentsy Warmer to try in our home. For those that don't know, Scentsy offers a wide variety of ceramic candle warmers that not only are beautiful decorative piece for your home, but they use the heat of a light bulb to melt scented wax which fills … [Read more...]

Wannabe Southern Girl Fell for Southern Plate

southern plate cookbook

Have you ever thought about the life you live and felt like you were born in the wrong place, wrong time? While I completely love and embrace the technological advances of this decade, in my heart, I've always felt like had I been a teenager in the 50's, I would have totally rocked that decade. Fifty some odd years ago, I would have been sporting poodle skirts, cateye glasses and my all time favorite ... saddle shoes. I feel much the same … [Read more...]

Southern Plate Apple Fritters Recipe


Have you ever tried a recipe for the first time and thought to yourself, where have you been all my life? Well, that was me just this past weekend when I opened up my newest cookbook. If you're wondering, be sure to hop over to my family blog and find out how I discovered the Southern Plate Cookbook on twitter. Now about the fritters, I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I've never had an Apple Fritter before, actually, not even a fritter … [Read more...]

Our Trip to the Apple Barn

apple barn chatham illinois

There's a very short list of reasons I have for enjoying living in the small town of Chatham, Illinois. One of those reasons at the very top of said list ... Apple Barn. It's a small, family owned country store just a few blocks from our home. In fact, the family orchard is less than a block from our backyard. Over the course of the three years we've been living here, we've probably made a visit to the Apple Barn at least a couple dozen times. … [Read more...]

KwikSet SmartCode Keyless Entry Review & Giveaway

kwikset smartcode giveaway

As the wife of a police officer, safety and security issues, especially regarding our home are a frequent topic of discussion. We often see and hear firsthand how vulnerable our home can be. One of the most difficult aspects of home safety for our family is how to balance security and convenience. Before upgrading our entry door to the Kwikset SmartCode lock system, our standard door locks required two different keys. While this is very secure … [Read more...]