Our Turkey Day Dinner and Black Friday Shopping

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Thanksgiving dinner isn’t one that gets me very excited, unlike my daughter who woke up every morning for nearly two weeks asking “is this the day I get to gobble up the turkey?“. I try to like the bird but I just don’t. I went into our family dinner fully expecting to just fill up on all my favorite sides and veggies only to find out that I’ve got the bestest mommy in the whole world. She made me a personal little side dish of baked ham knowing I wouldn’t touch the turkey bird.

Ham and turkey aside, we really did have the best Thanksgiving dinner thanks to a collaborative effort between me and my mom. She took care of half the meal at her house while I spent the day baking up some gorgeous Cloverleaf rolls, the semi-homemade stuffing, green beans, cranberry apple sauce and a loaf of honey wheat bread just for her.

Turkey Day Dinner Feast

Black Friday shopping for our family actually started on Friday. None of that 8pm or 10pm stuff on Thanksgiving night. I don’t know what these businesses are thinking trying to turn our family dinner into a shopping spree but it’s not gonna happen. No way. We gobbled up that incredible meal and went back home to let our tummies settle and snuggle.

But we didn’t skip shopping entirely. We just waited until 9 am to go out. I was really expecting the worst but Old Navy wasn’t packed, all the sale items were stocked and we get in and out of the store in less than 20 minutes with a ton of new clothes for the girls. As much as I tried to avoid it, we also ended up in Target where even more winter clothes found their way into the cart, among other things. I swear it’s completely impossible to shop there and leave without spending a small fortune.

So, did ya’ll go out shopping?

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    I’m actually discussing going out NOW with my sister; we just realized there are some Leapster toys at an incredible price at Walmart…. hoping to find at least two at our local store.

    Glad you had such a relaxing Thanksgiving.

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    Your dinner looks so delicious! Your rolls turned out absolutely beautiful, I bet they tasted great. I was on call for a 24 hour period, from 7 am on Thanksgiving until 7am the day after. We got to go to my sisters for about 3 hours. Then I got called in and was back an forth from work 4 different times over last 12 hours. It was horrible. We went out of state to see family yesterday so no Black Friday shopping for me. I did get a few things online but didn’t go out shopping. It was the first time in years, makes me sad. :(

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    I’m stuffed just LOOKING at all that food you and your mom prepared! If you get your culinary genius from her, I’d say that was one HECK of a delicious meal :)

    That’s so nice of your mom to go out of her way to make you a little ham; don’t moms just know everything? Lol

    I was all ready and set to go out shopping on Black Friday (at 2 in the morning FYI), but I wasn’t feeling well so I sat that one out. My mom and sister went though if that counts.

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    Looks like a terrific meal – how wonderful of your mom to think of you like that.
    I totally agree with you about turning a family feast day into a shopping day – not gonna happen in this house either.
    Wishing your family the very best holiday season.