Our Crew of Cats

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If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know I’m addicted to cats, particularly my cats. They can be the most devilish little things always chewing on wires, knocking over my drinks and clawing at the new carpet but I still adore the little buggers. When they’re not being devious, they’re snuggling, purring and keeping my office chair warm for me.

Fat Cat is the big brother of the house weighing in at a whopping 19 pounds. He’s the most tolerant of the kids and follows me from room to room.

Grey Baby is the big sister who spends most of her time hiding from the kids. When bedtime comes, she’s the first one out looking for pets. She’s also my little cricket catcher.

Miss Muffy, our newest addition is as sweet as pie. She snorts, wheezes and sneezes like crazy but has found her place here. I don’t even mind when she paws at my screensaver.

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  1. I love their names! They’re super cute too. :) I never thought I’d like cats, but my daughter’s cat won me over. I’m not sure I’ll ever have one of my own, but I sure love ‘em when I see them!

  2. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    We are cat lovers, too. I would love to bring home a little chubby-faced kitty like your Miss Muffy! Our two new adopted kittens are gray striped. They are into everything! I hadn’t been out of the kitchen for one minute yesterday and they managed to jump on the counter, topple a bag of flour, and spread paw prints all over!

    • Awww they do get into everything don’t they? My problem child is usually Fat Cat. He still thinks he’s a lap kitty and will knock over everything in his path to get to me.

  3. I love cats too! Your kitties sound purrfect :) We have four indoor cats; Cricket (our oldest at nearly 14), Little Bit (our explorer), Stormy (our shy kitty) and our newest addition Oreo (the playful one in the bunch).

  4. Isn’t it funny how they all have such different personalities? We have 4 cats and sometimes it’s hard to believe they’re all the same species! :)

  5. They are so cute! I miss having kitties!

  6. Your cats are adorable! I have five myself Brutus, Roman, Little Man, and then Mo and Kai are my newest additions (they are four months old). I also feed Mo and Kai’s Mom, she’s an outside stray. And then recently this totally gorgeous all black stray adopted me as her human. She has extra toes, so it looks like she has thumbs! I love that your cats actually chase the laser, mine just look at it and then back at me. Though Kai loves when I put on an aquarium background for my computer, he chases it. Ok…I’ve cat lady rambled on…

    • LOL it’s okay to ramble on from one cat lady to another. These cats are really big into playing with the laser. Grey Baby goes wild just hearing the metal ring (it’s keychain style) clank, she knows that little red light is coming out to play with her.

  7. What are you using to put the Instagram photos in the article? I have a fat kitty at almost 18 pounds, an elderly cat not eating and a newest addition we adoptive 2 weeks ago. Yours are all so sweet looking!

    • Nichol it’s the Instagram embed feature. If you go to your profile (web version) and click on a picture, there’s a “…” by the comment area. Click on that and you’ll see the embed code.

  8. Barbara Montag says:

    I’m a cat lover too!
    The first pic looks like our Lucy!

  9. Your cats are all so cute and seem to have such great personalities! We only have an outside kitty that showed up one day. I love cats but can’t deal with a litter box in this tiny house :/ Think I’m just more of a dog person!

  10. One day I dream to own a cat.. yours are gorgeous!

  11. I love your kitties!!

  12. I love that first photo so peaceful and cute. No pets in our household unless you count a Beta LOL. My mom has two cats and they are her babies.

  13. I love your beauties! Cats are such a joy! We had 2 cats, and our old man Marlow passed last fall and we adopted a feral rescue who does not get along with our other cat. It has been such a struggle getting them to live together in the house. I’d love another cat but we have to get these two sorted out first!