Open Mouth, Insert Foot

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I hate to say it, but I had another one of those moments tonight…someone sticking their foot in their mouth. What makes it really sad, is that it wasn’t me this person humiliated.

Again, we’re checking out at the grocery store and the cashier can’t help herself…

Rude Cashier: When are you due?
Me: February 24th
Rude Cashier: (motions to service clerk) Hey Sarah come here.
Pregnant Cashier: (waddles over to us)
Rude Cashier: Sarah, when are you due again?
Pregnant Cashier: April 21st
Rude Cashier: Wow, look at this woman’s belly. You gals are the same size and she’s due in a few weeks.
Me: (shock on face)
Pregnant Cashier: (shock on face)
Me: (knowing how horrible that just made her feel) Well, we all carry our babies differently.
Pregnant Cashier: (smiles at me, snarls at Rude Cashier)

I’m going to stop there for a moment. This very RUDE cashier was well into her 50’s and did mention having her own kids, so clearly she’s been pregnant before. Am I the only one who saw how completely insensitive that was? First of all, her belly was much smaller than mine, I would have easily guessed her to be around 25 or so weeks..not 35. Not only that, she was a smaller girl than me so yes, her belly was clearly there in comparison to the rest of her.

As much as I didn’t want to say anything else to this woman, it just so happens the lady in line behind me had to jump in and start talking about how her baby was 10lbs and the reason she never had anymore kids. Taking a shot in the dark I asked if she had gestational diabetes, and of course she exclaims she did. I’m thinking to myself, “you dummy, that’s no reason to stop having kids, modern medicine can help you control that and even prevent a large baby.” But I didn’t say anything. Both of my kids were right at the 9lb mark and you don’t see that stopping me.  The fact is, it hurts like hell no matter how big your baby is.

I swear I’m not leaving the house until this baby is born. But then I get to deal with all of the oddball strangers trying to put their grubby little fingers all over my baby.

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  1. People are strange! I think you look great — I was somewhere recently where a mom was so proud because she was almost 30 weeks and not showing at all — said she had barely gained any weight at all — I think this is sad! But you are right we are all different!

  2. Some people don’t know how to be tactful. You look good, don’t worry!

  3. Nicole says:

    I’ve learned not to be too surprised by people’s stupidity anymore.

  4. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting says:

    Good grief! What is wrong with people?

    Towards the end of my last pregnancy, I was ON THE SIDEWALK and I had a man swerve into the other lane while passing, as if I took up the entire road while walking.

    He came from behind, too, and everyone and their mother told me you couldn’t even tell I was pregnant from behind.

    People are idiots, sometimes. I hope she was ok (the pregnant cashier). I would’ve had her say something to their boss.

  5. I can’t imagine why some people feel the need to say the things they do. It seems like when your pregnant people think they can say whatever they want to you.

    I hope the other girl didn’t take what was said to heart.

  6. wait until they ask you “when are you due” and you’re not even pregnant!!! LOL! After my son was born (I started at 110, ended at 175 and after delivery, 145). I loved to wear my maternity shirts to cover up my perpetual baby belly (always had a cute bump down there, no one ever told me it sticks with you always!)…anyway, I took my son to the doc one day and when I was up at the reception desk, I DID have a maternity shirt on and the receptionist asked nicely when was I due and I responde “I’m not, I’m just fat”…and walked away all the while she had the biggest shocked look on her face and not only THAT, but here it is, 20 yers later, I have a hot body, but I still have that ‘bump’ that says, yep, you’re a mom…I was wearing a loose fitting, but pretty and short a line dress….you could see my bump as something ‘cute’, but that’s it, otherwise I looked hot…I was asked it AGAIN! So, although I was never asked it while I was pregnant (carried my son low, in the hips and butt…I have been asked twice with absolutely nothing but a miracle to have a second child :-)

  7. I have a rule. I NEVER talk about anyone’s pregnancy except my own. Even if they bring it up. Too much opportunity to say something that can be mis-construed.
    I did used to walk behind my friend and waddle when she was pregnant because people would stare at her and it was rude so I would distract them and then when I would see them looking at me I’d say “what, you’ve never seen a pregnant woman before?”