My Pregnancy 36 Weeks

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This is hard to swallow…let alone say, but I’m 36 weeks pregnant. I’m still amazed that after this many pregnancies how those last few weeks are still a shock of emotions from excitement to “scared $hitless”. As much as I want to meet little Emmaleigh, I’m scared to death of actually having her here. I guess I need to explain that a bit. If you’ve never had kids before, you really have no idea how much having a newborn changes your life, even the little things. Yes, I know you “think” you know how it changes but you’re still never prepared until it actually happens. You’ll say and do things you never thought possible. You’ll cherish and cry over every little face your baby makes. But you’ll also wish you could put her back in after 3 weeks of sleep deprivation. It’s that last part that I’m never ready for.

My list is a mile long of all the things I’m terrified over right now…mainly the unknown. We’ve never had a toddler and a newborn at the same time. I’m so worried I’ll never be able to divide my attention between all of them and maintain some amount of sanity. Along those lines, I’m going to miss my free time. I don’t know what the odds of having a toddler and newborn nap at the same time are, but I’m guessing they aren’t good.

Pregnancy wise…I suppose I’m doing okay. Last night was pretty rough. I woke up to pee every 30 minutes, couldn’t get comfortable no matter what position I tried, which included using my husband as a body pillow. I also brought some of that on myself with the major mistake of eating a piece of ice cream cake before bed. Dairy and I do not mix well! So part of my night was left hanging over the edge of the toilet. Fun stuff.

Next week I head in for my check up and Strep B test, both of which were suppose to be done yesterday but I rescheduled. We never made it out of the house in time because of my daughter’s appointment which also ended up rescheduled.

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  1. says

    Hey… Give me a call … Let’s go for virgin drinks at olive garden one night this week or weekend! :) PS – sleep in a chair! :)

  2. says

    Poor thing! You’re almost there, you’re coming up to the home stretch. I know how uncomfortable it is, and that sucks. That’s definitly the worst part!! Hang in there, and soon you’ll have a beautiful baby girl in your arms!

  3. says

    Oh I remember those days! Hang in there, pretty soon you will be able to bend at the waist again! Woo-hoo!

    I am sooo excited to see pictures of her Cat! All these little baby girls!!!!

  4. Lisa C. says

    Hang in there! I’m 39 weeks and wishing this baby would come out NOW because I suddenly have PUPPP (skin rash) that’s driving me insane!

  5. says

    So many people say that after you have one child having more is rougher. But to me after you have at least two it’s not much harder. You’ll do great! Just sleep instead of blogging when they baby sleeps! lol

    Wouldn’t it be cool if we could all chip in and watch the baby for you so you could sleep? You should set up a web cam and we can ‘sit’ for ya! lol Just kiddin of course! Good luck!

  6. kristin says

    Oh man I’ve been following your progress. Since I also post mine each week. LOL

    I do don’t envy you at this point, you’re almost there!

  7. says

    Hey Cat? Breathe. Yeah it’s wooly for a few weeks but you settle in. Just let it be wooly. You can recover.