More Food Finds from the 2012 Illinois State Fair

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Umm … we went back to the State Fair, even after our fair food filled trip earlier this week.

I know that sounds awful considering how many calories are packed into the foods served there but we had some free time to spend with Emma and I just couldn’t resist. So of course we tried more new foods and I photographed them all.

We made our first stop at the Ethnic Village which houses several different food huts from around the world including one for Jamaica where we grabbed a jerk chicken, cabbage and rice meal.

ethnic festival jamaican jerk chicken

And I needed these fried plantains to cool off my mouth after that spicy chicken burned off my taste buds.

ethnic festival jamaican fried plantains

While my husband was off munching on this giant “Elephant Ear” I took Emma over for something a little sweeter.

State Fair Food Elephant Ear

We hung out on a bench and shared this delicious strawberry crepe.

State Fair Food Strawberry Crepes

As if all that wasn’t enough we made one more stop for some ice cream. But it’s not just any ice cream, these are swirled with unique flavors like the green apple my daughter picked out.

state fair food green apple ice cream cone

And of course I jumped on this Oreo Ice Cream cone (my favorite cookie in the world).

Oreo Ice Cream Cone

Then on our way out a storm rolled in so Jon ducked under a tent only to have me drooling over my absolute favorite thing at the Illinois State Fair … Sutter’s Salt Water Taffy!

sutter's taffy candy

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  1. says

    Oh man I am so hungry right now. Haha. They all look super good!! I would so love to try the Green Apple ice cream cone!!

  2. says

    Why do you torture me so!? Hehe ^.^

    Oh man, I <3 elephant ears!! Although that strawberry crepe looks to die for as does that ice cream cone of yours! My mom would love the saltwater taffy-that's her favorite :)

    • says

      LOL I feel bad …. but yes, those crepes are awesome. I’m going back today and I’ll share one with my mom. Half the guilt. :P

  3. says

    Yum! That crepe looks amazing! Only a couple weeks left until our fair arrives! I can’t wait! We have a big taffy stand too and we always buy extra ropes to last us awhile!

    • says

      Hi there Tony, thanks so much for stopping by … we’ll be back for another box today. The little buggers ate all my banana taffy.

      P.S. It would be awesome to see an orange flavored taffy!

      • says

        We have new sour flavors we have been testing. They are really good. Hoping to make sour a permanent flavor. Orange sherbet, lime, lemon, cherry, blue raspberry, and purple cow. We will keep you posted. Thanks again


        • says

          Oh wow, thanks for the heads up on that. Orange sherbet sounds perfect! I’m hoping to see these at the fair next year! Vanilla will be my forever favorite though.