Mommy’s Robot Helper – Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner Review

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Two adults plus three kids plus two cats plus all of the little boys my son brings over equals a lot of foot traffic through my house. Between the dirty shoes that people forget to take off at the door and the cats shedding, we get a lot dirt and pet hair throughout the house. I spend countless hours each week sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the messes my family and friends leave behind for me. When I was introduced to the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner a few weeks ago, I was excited to see that many of these tasks can now be automated and free up some of my cleaning time for more important things, like spending time with my family.

mint cleaner robot and cloths(each Mint Cleaner unit includes 2 sweper cloths and 1 mopping cloth)

The Mint Floor Cleaner is an advanced hard surface floor cleaner with Northstar Navigation technology that automatically cleans while you do you anything else but waste countless hours cleaning!

We’ve been using the Mint Cleaner for about two weeks now and my toddler daughter has officially dubbed it “Mommy’s Little Helper.” Instead of grabbing the broom to sweep the floors, we now simply add a microfiber cloth to the Mint cleaner and let it loose in a room to automatically sweep our floors. The Northstar Navigation helps guide it through an entire room, sweeping along the edges, around furniture and even avoids our pets. Below you can see the dirt the microfiber cloth picked up in just one trip around our living room. I love that you can use, wash and reuse the microfiber cloths but you can also attach Swiffer disposable cloths if you prefer to avoid laundering the microfiber cloths.

mint microfiber dirty cloths

Personally, I’ve found the best time to let the Mint Cleaner work for us is during the night. Before bed we can set the cleaner to sweep and sleep while it cleans because the noise level is very minimal.

In addition to sweeping your floors, the Mint Cleaner also has a wet mopping function that allows you to give your hard surface floors a quick clean up. While it won’t scrub stuck on messes, it works fabulously to maintain semi-clean floors.We’ve found the most effective way to use the Mint Cleaner is to set it to sweep and mop one room per day and recharge at night that way each room gets a quick clean up every week.

Of course all this talking doesn’t really give the Mint Floor Cleaner the attention it deserves, so check out the quick video demonstration below so you can see how it works in my home.

If you’re interesting in finding out more about the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner and other video demonstrations you can visit where you can also enter to win one every single week between now and February 18, 2011.

Disclosure – The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner featured was provided by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for this review. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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  1. Catherine says

    I totally want one of these. I saw it on a commercial the other night..Told my husband I want one for Christmas..He looked at me as if I was crazy…I don’t think i’m getting one :(

  2. Penelope says

    Very cool! I need one, and I never heard of this one before. Thanks for the review.

  3. Jennifer h says

    Neat review product! I’d love some help around here! I’m constantly vacuuming!

  4. says

    Oh this product looks amazing. I do daycare so anything to help me I’m sold. Who wouldn’t want this?

  5. says

    I so need one of those for our hardwoods. Although I’m afraid Brooklin wouldn’t leave it alone, although…that may not be a bad thing. (at least for a little while) ha!

    Great review Cat!

  6. Mari says

    I have never heard of the mint brand of robot cleaners. I have a roomba, the only problem I have with it is that the battery goes dead very quickly.