Mom Fitness | New Year, New FitBit One from Radio Shack

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This time last year I was standing on the scale practically in tears. The number staring me in the face was not one I could ever imagined I’d see. When I dried my eyes I told myself to suck it up and do something about it. So I did! I invested in the FitBit Ultra. With the help of that little device I lost 25 pounds and found the motivation I needed to live a healthier lifestyle.

Here I am, in January, looking at the scale again.

It’s not quite as bad as last year but I have regained some of the weight. Once again I’m back on the FitBit wagon but this time I’ve upgraded to the new and improved FitBit One sold at Radio Shack.


Much like the FitBit Ultra model, this high-tech pedometer tracks steps, stairs climbed, distance, sleep cycle and calories burned. What has changed is the FitBit ones comes with a flexible clip that’s much softer on the skin and includes a more compact charging cord, rather than the old stand-up base.

The FitBit One isn’t an easy answer to weight loss but it is a key motivator (for me) in increasing activity which leads to weight loss with healthy eating. When I first started using it to track my walking distance I could barely walk a mile and within months I was walking 7 miles straight with ease.

Fitness Gear from Radio Shack

  • Klipsch S4 ($79.99) – Fitness-geared headphone that include noise isolating, washable eartips and tangle-free cords.
  • Skullcandy™ INK’d MIC’d ($24.99) – These soft-fitted sleeves fill your ear to help block out unwanted background noise.
  • Philip’s Sport Clip Earbuds ($29.99) – The around-the-ear hooks keep these earbuds in place during the most intense workouts. Plus, they are sweatproof and washable.
  • Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker ($59.99) – The new and improved Fitbit is rain, splash and sweatproof so you can take it to any workout. It captures all activity and automatically syncs stats to your mobile device or PC.

*Radio Shack provided me with a FitBit One.

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    • says

      Soon no one will know about the Ultra since they don’t sell it anymore. You have an antique like me. ;)

  1. says

    I have been longing for a FitBit but haven’t made it fit in our budget yet. I have started walking the stairs at work to take a mid-day break. I can’t complain about it being cold or wet since it is inside. Hopefully this little bit of activity helps!