Mom Fitness Find | Nike Tees & Shorts at Nike Outlet Store

If you have a Nike Outlet store nearby, now is the time to visit. When we were checking out the one in Tuscola, IL I found some great buys in the women’s fitness apparel department. I scored four t-shirts for $16 each along with 4 pairs of shorts for just $10 each. I haven’t seen either of the exact ones I bought online but I can tell you, these shorts are ridiculously comfortable. Unlike other shorts I’ve worn, they don’t ride up the thighs leaving you yanking them down every other step.

They’ve come in handy since I’ve started walking outdoors a lot more. I even drag my son along with me when we’re walking the city streets so I can have a buddy and it gives us some alone time to talk.

nike fitness shorts for moms

Nike Women's Fitness Set

Nike activewear
$19 –

Nike activewear
$15 –


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    You look amazing!! I love those colors on you. I have been toying with the idea of buying something with COLOR in it since color makes me happy. Seriously – your legs are so trim! WOW!

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    You look awesome, Cat! I have to agree about Nike apparel, I have shorts that I bought 3 years ago from Nike that are still my favorite to work out in.

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    Great info. I am over here in Maryland and I think I have a Nike outlet maybe 1 hour away from me in Westminister, Md. I’m going to check it out this weekend!

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    OH I love Nike and the outfit you have on is perfect! Looking great. I need to look into these outfits to give me some motivation to get moving more this Summer!