Mom Fitness | Celebrating the Little Things … Like 20 Pounds

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In the summer of 2011 I reached my highest non-pregnant, a very embarrassing 180 plus pounds. I bounced around 180 – 185 depending on the day. I was ashamed of my body for the first time in my life. Most of my days were spent hidden under baggy clothes that I thought were hiding my lumpy figure. Looking back, I think I was trying to hide more than my body but myself too. I wasn’t happy very often. There were a lot of contributing factors … low self esteem, zero confidence, depression, social anxiety, stress from my marriage and family, but worse of all my weight was the biggest burden I was carrying. I let it hold me back from so, so much in the past few years.

180 pounds before picture

And well, today, it’s a bit different, a bit better. I’m finally getting treatment for the anxiety and depression, I’m working on the social anxiety (not that well though) and my mood improvement has made our marriage/family life so much happier for everyone. The biggest change though has been with my body. I’m walking daily, I’m jogging (which i love) and I have the energy to keep going till bedtime. And … I’m shopping for smaller clothes. Well, I did shop and now they’re too big too so I have to get even smaller ones. <– not a complaint

Milestones I’ve Celebrated:

  • losing 20 pounds
  • dropping from a size 16 – 12 jean size
  • dropping from an XL shirt to a large shirt
  • dropping a “cup” size (not real thrilled with this one)
  • I earned a FitBit lifetime distance of over 250 miles walked/jogged
In the grand scheme of my goals, this feels like a halfway celebration for me. I’m proud of myself and hope that with encouragement from those that care about me most (especially myself) that I’ll be able to keep working towards my ultimate goal of a very healthy weight of 140 lbs. In my mind it feels unattainable but looking back at what I’ve already achieved, I’m already halfway there so perhaps I CAN achieve my dream weight.
Below is my after picture taken just a few days ago, not the best quality or outfit to show the progress but it’s there. My husband reminds me every day that my butt is shrinking … I think I hear some disappointment in his voice. LOL Men!

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  1. says

    Oh Cat, I’m so happy you are taking care of yourself! Way to go on the weightloss, bummer on the cup size, lol. You honestly don’t look bad in your before, but I totally understand looking in the mirror and just feeling blah. It’s something you have to do for yourself even if you have a gang of people telling you that you’re fine. If mama ain’t happy, well, no one will be.

    • says

      Thanks Sheena and you’re so right. My husband has been telling me for years that my weight is “fine” but when I looked in the mirror all I saw was fat. I need to do this for me.

  2. says

    You look fantastic! I’m going to have to look at getting a fitbit since someone else recommended it to me today!

  3. says

    You really do look amazing Cat, really. I know it’s hard work to do it too..I keep failing at it. LOL You’re a beautiful gal…now if we could just jazz up that hair of yours. teehee. Love ya!

    • says

      LMAO my hair? I had just finished a work out and it was in a ratty ponytail. But then again it’s always like that.

      And you Missy, just keep trying. I fell off the workout wagon for a month but I got back on and feel so much better. You can do it!

  4. Wendy T says

    You look amazing.

    But more importantly, you sound wonderful.

    Bravo, Cat. Bravo!!!

  5. says

    You look amazing! Congratulations not just on the weight loss, but the change in attitude too. I also deal with anxiety and a lack of confidence, which has kind of put me into a vicious cycle of feeling bad -> gaining weight -> feeling bad about gaining weight -> gaining more weight. I’m trying to get things under control, but it’s difficult. You are totally an inspiration!

  6. says

    My jaw just DROPPED. You look UH-MAZING. Just drop-dead-gorgeous AMAZING. But, it’s more than the slimmer body (which is seriously HOT, woman!) — you’re attitude changes are apparent all over your face. . . and everywhere else. I have noticed (over the past month) huge changes in what you post on Facebook. You’re more positive … less down …. and the updates/posts you have been sharing about your marriage and husband have been beautiful. It is so obvious that you feel better about YOU … not “just” your body but the whole YOU. I love it.

    I need to be more like you, lol. I am really strugging with depression these days, and sadly all of it is coming from my weight issues — I have ballooned since the birth of the baby (well, since I stopped nursing him). 210 isn’t a number I though I’d ever see again. But, I keep finding excuses to avoid the work involved . . but I have GOT to change things. I can’t have another melt-down in front of my husband … or all by myself.

    • says

      Rachel, you can do it. I know you can! I’ve been a big lazy butt for 10 years and all it took was finding the motivation. All I’m doing is walking and cutting a few calories … it really is that easy. The only thing that ever held me back was my attitude. I believe in you!!!

  7. says

    You are looking fabulous! This year has been so exciting for so many of our friends finally getting the weight off. I think it helps that we are all supporting and encouraging each other and it’s really been a lot of fun!! Good luck with the other 20, you can totally do it!

    • says

      I know, it’s been so awesome seeing everyone losing weight this year … especially you! You’ve been doing amazing.

  8. says

    So proud of you! Even though we are no longer friends on Facebook, I’ve been able to see a huge difference in your comments & on MomDot and am so happy to see you taking care of yourself not just your body, but your mind & soul. Keep it up! You look amazing!

  9. Jen says

    You look fantastic!! I would love to lose 10-20lbs. You give me hope :-). I just need some will power and determination :-/.