Kid Find | Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I Heart Minnie on DVD

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In this house the mouse is a big deal, especially Minnie Mouse. We’ve got two little girls that adore watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes on TV but I have a feeling they really only watch because they big, puffy heart Minnie Mouse.

Last week we had the brand new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I Heart Minnie DVD arrive and I sure wish I had my camera out when our youngest daughter saw it. Her little eyes lit up like I imagine they would when she eventually gets to visit Disney World for the first time.

Until then, they get such a kick out of watching their favorite cartoon characters. After seeing the “Minnie’s Rainbow” episode my daughter is convinced that next time a rainbow appears we need to go searching for the pot of gold at the end of it. Cute!  If your little ones love Minnie Mouse as much as my kids do, you’ll want to add the I Heart Minnie DVD to your collection which is available starting February 7th in stores and online.

i heart minnie dvd


Plot Summary

Join Minnie, Daisy, and all your clubhouse pals for a mousekemagical celebration of friendship and fun. Today is Minnie’s birthday, and you’re invited! But, can Mickey and the gang get everything ready and keep the party under wraps until it’s time to shout “Surprise!”? Only if you help them pick the right mouseketools. Next, jump up on your feet and dance with Daisy in the big talent show at Mickey Park. Then journey to the end of the rainbow to find Leprechaun Pete’s pot of gold! Overflowing with music, laughter, and delightful never-before-seen adventures, I Heart Minnie is the perfect way to say, “I love you!”

In addition to the five episodes included on the DVD, there’s a bonus episode in the Bonus Features section of the menu where your kids will love “You’re Invited to Minnie’s Birthday Party!”. It’s shorter than usual but shows kids how to prepare for a party with invitations, presents and even instructions on how to make a paper party hat. Emma was especially excited knowing her own birthday is coming up in just a few short weeks.

Here’s a little sneak peek!

Also, your kids will love these activities from I Heart Minnie that includes sharing cards, a mailbag craft and a cookie recipe.

Download Printable Activities!

Disclosure – I was provided with the DVD featured.

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