Method Moms – Are You a #CleanHappy Mother?

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Dinner, bath time, story book, bed … sounds like an uneventful end to a typical evening, at least for our house. We shut off the lights and close our eyes in hopes of a new day with few disasters. Unfortunately, the day doesn’t always begin so blissfully. Going to bed on time means there’s a huge list of chores that were left undone from the night before. Let’s take taco night for instance. While we’re all rushing to get the bed time routine done, the taco tornado gets left behind. I wake up the next day to find a shadow of shredded cheese around the chairs, sour cream paintings and undigested shreds of black olives littering my new wooden table.

So I put on my happy face (the best one I can muster up) and pull out my trusty sidekick. First the table gets a quick clean-up with Method All-Purpose cleaner and then gets a “Wood for Good” shine with the Method Daily Cleaner for Wood. It cleans, dusts and leaves behind a shine that’s clean enough for my kids to eat off of – without chemical residue.

taco night table tornado

It’s nice to start a day with a clean table and fresh flowers … I just kinda wish it would stay that way all the time.

method wood for good clean happy

After dinner clean-up the girls start their morning milk run (aka finger print my freshly cleaned stainless steel fridge while getting out the gallon of milk). For years I dreamed of gorgeous stainless steel appliances but what I didn’t know is that having one would also become my worst cleaning nightmare. Finger prints, hand smudges, dust, water drops … they all leave behind ugly blemishes on what should be the shiniest, prettiest appliance in the room.

stainless steel fridge finger prints

I tried a few different stainless steel cleaners and each one left behind streaks or a scent that wreaked of harsh chemicals. Finally, I got my hands on a bottle of Method Steel for Real – stainless steel cleaner. It does what the other cleaners claim without the chemicals (or streaks).  What do you need to know about Method Steel for Real?

Most traditional cleaners use synthetic, petroleum-based surfactants whereas Method’s are bio-based. Every functional ingredient in Method products comes from a natural source. – See the complete ingredient list!

method steel for real shine

This is just the beginning of my cleaning to-do list for the day. Watch out next month when I give a glimpse into our laundry nightmare routine.

Clean Like a Mother (music video)

We’ve all been there … birthday party madness. Chunks of cake hit the floor, confetti sparkles from every nook and cranny, and of course there’s the little hands touching every surface. When it’s all said and done, there’s one tool that will do it all and clean like a mother … fighting the gunk and goop … Method All-Purpose cleaner. If you’re in the mood for some quirky dance moves, an oddly catchy jingle and a cleaner that will do it all without the chemicals, take a minute to watch the Clean Like a Mother music video. Noah, the official spokesinger of Method, has a big personality and some great reasons to get clean happy with Method.

Save like a Mother

There’s no better way to clean happy than to do it with a few extra bucks in your pocket. For a limited time you can visit the Method Facebook page and click the Perks tab to find and print a coupon for $1.00 off any Method cleaning product (in the US). Also, there’s even more savings with the April Method of the Month discount that offers $1.00 2 or more Method All-Purpose cleaners in the online Method store. If you need a recommendation .. go for the grapefruit and clementine, my personal favorites. Nothing smells more clean that a citrus scented kitchen.

method dollar off facebook coupon

Disclosure – This is a compensated post as part of the Method Mavens blogger team. Although I’m a paid ambassador I’m also a proud Method customer.

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  1. says

    Wow, I know that feeling all too well of trying to keep things clean only to find fingerprints everywhere. I like method products, I don’t feel like I’m breathing in something toxic. That commercial was hilarious, loved the song.

  2. says

    I love Method! Their products are fab. I’ll have to tell friends I know about the stainless cleaner. Love the commercial and thank you for the link to the coupon!

  3. says

    Wow that is a lot of finger prints on the fridge! Haha
    I buy the method soap and love the scents, never tried their other products. MUST :)

  4. says

    Every time I go to Target I get Method. GREAT stuff! Oh and the lavender all purpose cleaner is soooo smelly-licious! :)

  5. Yasmine says

    Yep stainless steel is a pain!!! I probably wipe down my fridge 10 times a day. I really need to get stainless steel cleaner. I don’t jnow if we have Method products here but Ill look.