Photography – Magnolia Blossoms

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Late last week I walked outside and noticed the little flower pods on my magnolia tree had cracked open to reveal the gorgeous blossoms to come.

Saucer Magnolia Tree Flower Buds

48 hours layer the brilliant blooms opened to reveal themselves.

pink magnolia cluster blossoms

A day later the entire tree was in full bloom.

young magnolia tree

And then they started to fade …

pink saucer magnolia bloom

…. and fall.

pink magnolia blossom

Until they were no more.

magnolia blossoms in the yard


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  1. How pretty. You totally captured the life of your Magnolia. That first pic is my favorite. I want to see flowers! We’ve had such a warm winter and then bam – 4 inches of snow last night. So weird.

    • Woah, it snowed? It seriously feels like late Spring around here, I’m not complaining but I’m bummed we didn’t get a good snow this winter. The climate is really making some dramatic changes.

  2. what a stunning post Cat! I want a magnolia tree so much. Those blooms are just breathtaking. I am really shocked that they bloomed and faded so freakishly fast. What a bummer! Do you think they will bloom again before summer?

    • Usually they last about a week and a half to two weeks but the tree bloomed about 2 weeks early this year. I wonder if that had something to do with it. Unfortunately, they only bloom once then the leaves come in.

  3. Sniff — I used to have that same tree but it didn’t make it during the horrible drought/record heat we had this last summer. I’ve been so sad this spring without it. I adored it!

    • That is such a bummer. I think I’d cry if my tree died and plant two more in its place. You should get a new one.

  4. Love the progression! I have one of these trees in my back yard and watching them bloom and then fall always makes it feel like spring for me!

    • Is yours big? I love the really old ones that are huge … I’ll probably be dead before my tree gets that only, it’s about my height right now.

  5. Beautiful! Ours haven’t bloomed yet.

  6. so gorgeous! i’m sad that they all fell already.

    • Me too. I feel like I should have got outside and appreciated them more. I had no idea they’d drop so fast this year.

  7. Beautiful photos for wordless Wednesday!!

  8. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. They are wonderful! I love the tulip magnolia, it’s one of the first signs of spring.

    • Tulip magnolia .. is that what these are called? I’ve always heard it as Southern Magnolia or Saucer Magnolia. We looked at some Jane Magnolias (purple flowers) but I just love the pink/white so much.

  9. those last two pictures actually made me sad, why can’t the beauty last forever?

    • Me too! I came home and saw the petals scattered on my yard and just about cried. That tree is my favorite part of Spring.

  10. Maryann says:

    I adore magnolias. Just love them. Beautiful.

  11. I LOVE magnolia’s! But I’m sure you can tell by my blog name! :)

    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  12. I wish it would last longer! Beautiful though!

  13. beautiful! (and sad that they’re gone :( )

  14. Really cool how you followed its blooming cycle. They are so pretty

  15. So beautiful… if only they didn’t fade and fall so quickly! I think they are pretty with just the leaves too though.

  16. So pretty! We have a “tulip bush” and I love this time of year since it makes our yard so pretty.

  17. Amazing photos!!

  18. They are SO pretty!

  19. So quick and so beautiful. Great photos!

  20. Carolyn G says:

    Beautiful photos! Love magnolias!

  21. Pink Magnolias, how pretty! Ours won’t bloom until May and they are white. I love the picture story of the blooms!

  22. I love magnolia trees… But they are gone so quickly.
    That is what makes me sad.
    You took beautiful photos of their life span.
    The one thing that makes me happy about seeing them, means that spring is HERE!