Looking Back at 2012 – Part 2

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Earlier this week I recapped the best and not-so-best moments of the first half of 2012 and now that I’ve got some free time, here’s part 2 of 2012.

July was a crazy busy month. We kicked off the month by celebrating Kaydee’s 5th birthday with a Disney Brave party theme. Not long after that I weighed in and celebrated losing 25 pounds by buying myself a few bikinis. I hadn’t worn those since I was a teenager! Then we had our biggest moment of 2012 when my husband sat down for hours and planned out our very first trip to Disney World. I really never thought we’d make it happen but we did. Before our real vacation we spent a day in St. Louis playing at the zoo and enjoying turtle park. Then the weirdest thing happened too.We found some crazy, strange vines growing in our yard. It didn’t take long to discover what the mysterious vines were.

july recap

August was impossibly even more busy than July. This was the big month for our Disney vacation before the kids started school. It was equally as fun and miserable because the entire family came down with Hand, Food & Mouth Disease (a horribly painful virus) just as we hit the road and it continued until the day we got home. When we got back we also spent a few days at the Illinois State Fair. A week later our baby girl started her first day of Kindergarten. A day later our daughter went to get her hair trimmed and came home with all her curls chopped off. (I’m still pissed about that) And we finished off the month by celebrating our son’s 11th birthday.

august recap

September was a lot less busy but rough. I say rough because it marked the beginning of Fall and I got hit with a really bad spell of seasonal depression. Just before things got bad I spent a weekend away with my husband that was less than relaxing but still nice to have the alone time, even if it was cut short. Since the kids were in school it gave me some alone time to finish giving my son his Green Bay Packer’s bedroom and I redecorated the kid’s bathroom and my bathroom. I can say for sure I’m happy that month is behind me now.

september recap

October, my favorite month of the year. The temperatures cooled down and the trees turned beautiful colors. It gave me chance to get outside and photograph without sweating or dodging bugs. This easy going month gave me a chance to learn a new hobby and turn on the oven to bake with apples. To end the month we dressed the girls up and took them trick-or-treating as a devil and angel.

october recap


November kicked off a month full of celebrations starting with my husband’s 33rd birthday. Then we got in the holiday spirit with a trip to Festival of Trees and got some inspiration for decorating our own Christmas tree. When Thanksgiving came we celebrated with a HUGE feast and managed to have an easy Black Friday shopping day all done online. As a spur of the moment thing we took the girls into the crowded mall to get Emma’s ears pierced for the first time. And then Elmer came home for the holidays, bringing along a new Elf on the Shelf, Ella.

november recap


December came and went so quickly this year. We got our very first snow, a small one, but it was a breath of fresh air. The kids got a much smaller Christmas than previous years but they were still quite blessed with gifts. I also did my usual end of the year recaps including the top 10 recipes of 2012 and a follow-up with the best and worst products reviewed. For 2013 I skipped the resolutions and instead created a list of 13 Things I Want to do in 2013.

december recap

And that sums up our life in 2012. We had a few scares and a lot of blessings but looking back I can see that it was an amazing year.


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