Looking Back at 2012 – Part 1

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Twenty-twelve was a pretty amazing year for our family. We had many low points, like everyone else, but there were also some pretty wonderful moments for our family.

In January, we kicked off the new year and I went through some personal transformations that started with a new haircut and ended with the realization that I had gained a lot of weight. Then we went through the Helzberg Diamonds nightmare of trying to buy new wedding rings but it did work out in the end. We also got the first real snowfall of the winter which Emma dragged me outside to enjoy with her. I also gave my blog and home office space a much needed upgrade. And then turned 29 .. bleh.

January 2012 food family finds

February, well, for being such a short month it was surprisingly long. We celebrated Valentine’s Day the best we could even though my husband had the stomach flu. I got an itch for DIY and thus began the month-long flooring nightmare in my kitchen which did end up being worth all the effort. The real highlight was celebrating Emm’a third birthday, Tangled style and then surprising her with the biggest Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters we could find. The real bad part was when Jon had an emergency gallbladder removal and that stomach flu turned out to be an infected gallbladder.

february 2012 highlights

March was a breath of fresh air. We had a mild winter so I got to kick off the beginning of my weight loss journey. That was in important step for me personally that resulted in the loss of 30 pounds. I need to go back and read again because I still have 30 more to lose, motivation helps. Not too long after that one of my little stinkers broke my iPad and I even started thinking about going back to college. Best of all, my flooring nightmare became a diy dream when I revealed the finished results. It also became my favorite month of the year when my Magnolia tree bloomed a bit early. And we finished off the month with a prompt care visit that actually ended up being fixed at home.

March 2012 highlights

April was a pretty low-key month and I’m not complaining. We got to have a nice Easter celebration with the kids and celebrate our 11 year anniversary. I spent a lot more time in the kitchen cooking up healthier meals and continuing to lose weight. We even started to get to work on our raised bed garden. And dad busted out his grill to whip up some sizzlin’ steaks, the first of the year!

april 2012 highlights

May was a fantastic month. It started off a bit weepy when I started thinking about my baby girl heading off to Kindergarten soon. But we made the kick-off to our summer fun by getting a backyard pool that we spent way too much time in. For the first time I took the kids to visit their great-grandma and great-grandpa, may they rest in peace. And we finished off the month with our first family trip to St. Louis. The kids never get tired of visiting the zoo.

may 2012 highlights

June rocked! I celebrated losing 20 pounds for the very first time in my life. I even bought myself some clothes to celebrate (something I never do). It took a long time but I finally got a date night alone with my husband and we actually enjoyed it. The most surprising moment of the year was when my husband shoved me into the Coach store and bought me a purse. He’s not the gift giving type so this was a really special moment. And we ended the month with a family weekend trip to St. Louis where we experienced the lanterns at the Botanical Garden.

June 2012 highlights

Looking back, I can see just how very blessed our family has been in 2012. It’s so easy to focus on all the things going wrong in our lives that we forget to celebrate and appreciate the small moments. Well, no more of that! I want to drink up every magical minute I get to spend with the people I love the most.

Coming up … the rest of 2012, when I get the kink out of my wrist from all this typing.

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    I love this series! As nice as it is to recap for your readers, it is even better for reflection for you. You can see how wonderful the year actually was instead of remembering just the struggles which tend to stand out for us all. Happy New Year Cat!