Living in Illinois | Fall Colors in Springfield’s Washington Park

There’s nothing I love more than a beautifully lit tree in the Fall. During the weekends when we don’t have much going on we all just hop in the van to take a little drive and see how the Fall colors are progressing.

One of the first places we check is Washington Park. It’s one of the few places in the area with a a huge concentration of maple trees that just glow when the time is right. For now we just have a lot of yellows and some oranges, the reds will come in soon though.

This is the Autumn Blaze maple tree we planted a few years back and it’s just stunning this year. If it wasn’t 50 degrees outside I wouldn’t mind sitting out there and looking at it for hours.

Next weekend we’re hoping to a take a drive down to Alton, IL and see the colors along the river.


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    Oh how beautiful! I adore Autumn and all of the colors, I wish it would last forever… or at least instead of winter :) That second photos makes me smile!

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    Those photos are beautiful. I live just a couple hours away from Springfield. I’ll probably take a trip there sometime in December to go shopping.