Let the Nesting Begin

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I was wondering when this urge would hit. In past pregnancies it actually started much earlier, around week 32 I’d say. But here I am 35 weeks pregnant and disorganized, chaotic, and lazy. My list of things I haven’t done is a mile long…car seat is still in the box, no hospital bag packed, no baby essentials bought, swing is still in the closet, crib mattress is still on the I’ve been meaning to buy list…and their room was a disaster. Part of the reason I’ve been slacking in this area is because I’m still having a hard time believing I’m REALLY having another baby. I can see her, feel her, I know she’s there, but I’m still waiting for the bomb to drop. When you’ve lost a child late in pregnancy, it’s really tough to ever feel at ease until you’re holding that baby in your arms.

But something changed last night. I was sitting down watching the tweets go by and felt a contraction. Not the painless Braxton Hicks kind, but one that made me say, “ouch!”. Then about 10 minutes later another one. Over the course of an hour five of them came through and a little bit of spotting. I think it was my body’s way of saying, “Hey Cat, you ARE in fact pregnant, this baby is GOING to come, so I’m going to hit you with a few contractions so you’ll get this through your thick skull.” I’m guessing because of the spotting a little bit of dilation occurred. No big deal though, I was already 2cm with Kaydence weeks before the real deal ever hit.

Well, it worked. Today I’ve felt this desire and urgency to get this house in order. It started with Kaydee and Emma’s room. From top to bottom we vacuumed, disinfected, organized, it’s peachy clean!

But that wasn’t enough…I made my way into my own bedroom where Emma will spend the first few months anyways and had to tackle the closet. Before…


After….umm…well it’s still a work in progress. The shelves have been cleaned off and removed, the clothes are now organized deep into the sides of the closet, now I’ve just got to find a home for all of the contents that use to live in there. I’m thinking the garbage would be a dandy place since most of it is my husband’s crap that he refuses to let go of.

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    Yeah! This is such a great time — I love it when I get lots done and really organized! Sometimes I come up with strange things — today I decided I needed to print pictures and hang them up in the bedroom!!!

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    I would have to say from your behavior that the end is nearing or the beginning is coming. I bet your are getting excited.

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    Hey… amen to that … I just made matt bring in the baby cloths from the shed in a million buckets. I went through them last night and intend on rewashing everything again tonight… Now, I have to find a place for it all! haha!

    I may steal you again for a BF pow wow after Grant is born. Hey, have time this weekend for a play date for the babies? Well, toddlers? hehe! I’d love to see you before Emma get’s here.


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    You probably aren’t nesting yet b/c of the fact that you have two other children and they take the rest of your energy away. Whatever happens, the baby will come home and I don’t think she’ll mind if your house is messy or unorganized. lol Good luck!