Kids Programming Anywhere You Go with Comcast Xfinity TV Player App

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comcast xfinity tv player app

Comcast has been our cable television (and internet) provider for several years now. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs with the service as with any cable provider but so far they’ve come out on top. While we don’t watch hours upon hours of television, there are designated times when the kids are excited for their morning cartoons, a family movie night and movies on the go when we’re traveling.

Recently we learned about the Comcast Xfinity TV Player app. This is an application available to download for FREE from the Apple App store and Google Play. As a Comcast Xfinity customer you can download tv shows, movies from Showtime, Starz, Encore and Movieplex to your Apple® or Android™ smartphone or tablet & watch them anytime—even when you’re offline. This is perfect for family road trips if you have a Wifi only iPad like we do with no internet access. Just download the movies kids want to watch before you leave and they’re ready to play during the long drive.

I love how the available shows and movies are organized by easy to find categories. When I’m looking for a movie for my children I can go straight to the Family & Kids section on the bottom menu bar. Below you can see just a sampling of what movies and tv shows are available for kids. Since we’re also Xfinity Streampix subscribers, for a small monthly fee, those shows are also available to us on the app.

comcast xfinity app shows

Right now my daughters are absolutely in love with Doc McStuffins and watched one of the episodes this past week when we had to do a lot of driving around town. You’ll also notice in the screenshot below there’s a bookmark button in the top right corner. You can bookmark your favorite shows so they can be accessed quickly whenever you want.

comcast doc mcstuffins

If you haven’t downloaded or used the Comcast Xfinity TV Player app you can learn how to download content through the slideshow on this page. It’s a really easy process that even your kids will have mastered in no time at all.  As a parent, my favorite feature of this app is the parental controls. Through the settings menu you can create a pin number (so only parents can adjust settings) and set locks on tv and movie content based on show ratings like TV-Y, TV-14, TV-MA, etc.

Xfinity Parental Controls


We’ll definitely be using the Comcast Xfinity TV Player App quite a lot during our upcoming road trip to Chicago. Three hours each way is a long time for three kids to be stuck in the van so I’m downloading their favorite shows like Dora the Explorer, Sofia the First and even my own favorite as a kid, Fraggle Rock.

To learn more about the app and kid-friendly programming available with Comcast Xfinity be sure to visit

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  1. I don’t have Comcast for cable (gotten have NFL ticket) but I can use my iPad to watch TV and I LOVE it!! It is amazing how far technology has come, luxuries at home everywhere!