Kid Friendly Recipe | Mexican Pizza

I’m not quite sure that a meal this easy really requires a whole blog post but sometimes the simplest ideas are the best (and fun to make with kids).

Since Emma is still over a year away from starting school, we spend a lot time in the kitchen cooking together. Pizzas are one of those meals that kids can’t refuse and love to help put together. The only difference here is we used some uncommon ingredients for the typical pizza.

What makes this one particularly delicious is the crust. I keep a pile of Tiseo’s pizza dough in my freezer. The dough is perfect every single time and only requires that you remember to move it to the fridge the night before you use it and then onto the counter to thaw a few hours before you use it.

Now this pizza is built like a taco with a thin layer of red taco sauce spread on the crust, then topped with seasoned ground beef, Mexican blend cheese, black olives, tomatoes and finally some lettuce and sour cream for dipping.

Mexican Pizza