Girl Fashion Find | Shopping at Justice for Girls

Every time my husband suggests hitting the mall as something to do, I roll my eyes and wish he had not said those words out loud.

I don’t necessarily hate the place (I don’t like it either) since it gives me an excuse to grab an Auntie Anne’s pretzel but walking in there means we’ll walk by Justice. It’s like heaven on Earth for little girls that adore fashion. Saying “no” to going in there is just impossible I tell you.

So here we are … in the mall … and the girls bolt into Justice before I even get the chance to say anything. It doesn’t take long before they discover the ruffle skirts (which I actually kind of adore) and plethora of mix n match tanks. Truth be told, despite hating to spend money in there, I really do love the selection. Nearly everything is designed to mix n match and most of the designs are super cute. Even the hair accessories match most of the stuff available.

These are the outfits we ended up coming home with today … all 40% off.


justice tanks tops


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    we shop there on occasion, but i find that 40% off sometimes mean the price is jacked up anyway. I got charlotte a dress there a few weeks ago and even 40% off it was like $23.

    I do buy her things there sometimes because she, as you know, is a fashion hound.

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      Yeah, I noticed that too about the prices. I try to stick with the basic tops and bottoms, those are usually pretty reasonably priced.