Keep Your Hands off My Papermate Pens

Mommy, what’s in there.

My pens.

Can I see them.

No, they’re mine.

But I want to write with them.

No, these are my special pens. Your crayons are in the box, you can color with those.

But I want to touch your special pens.


Please. I won’t lose them.



worlds most stolen pens


I leave the room to go get her crayon box and I hear her little fingers fiddling with my pen cup full of Papermate Pens but what she doesn’t know is that my special pens are now under lock and key and they’re all mine!

This is pretty much what every day is like with my cup of pens. They are awfully tempting just sitting there on my desk and if I turn my back for a minute, one gets swiped. And then it turns into two, three, four … until one day when I go to grab a pen and the cup is empty. Sound familiar?

First I attempted some scary signage near my cup of pens …

… but then I realized my 4 and 3 year olds can’t read. It’s only a slight deterant to my pen thieving husband and son so I had to resort to drastic measures.

In addition to my pen cup I have a super sneaky LockSafe full of another stash of pens that are under lock and key. Drastic? maybe. Necessary? Absolutely.

Since the release of the revolutionary new InkJoy pen, Papermate has taken measures to protect what’s soon to be the World’s Most Stolen Pen. Right now they’re offering rewards for any information leading to the capture of criminals who commit the most heinous office crime – pen theft. For your chance to claim FREE InkJoy Papermate Pens (up to 100 winner’s a day) and a coupon for $1.50 off Papermate Pens, visit

 Disclosure РPapermate provided me with pens and a safe. Opinions expressed are my own.