It’s Snot Funny

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It’s snot funny when your toddler son gets an m&m stuck up his nose.

It’s snot funny when he doesn’t know how to blow his nose.

It’s snot funny when you frantically call your mother to figure out how in the world you’re going to remove it.

It’s snot funny when your mother suggests a turkey baster and it actually works.

It’s even more snot funny when your second child does exactly the same thing six years later.

After Kaydee’s nap yesterday she comes stumbling out of her room rubbing her nose so much it turns as red as Rudolph’s. I notice snot dripping excessively from just one nostril and ask her what’s wrong. She tells me it hurts. From the outside, I can’t really tell that anything is wrong other than the redness. My husband comes over, knowing our son’s m&m history and shines a flashlight up her nose. Next thing I know, I hear my husband yelling, “Cat, come over here, there’s something up there!”

Sure enough, there’s a hunk of something black wedged very deeply up her nose, past the point of squeezing it out. Of course, at the time we TRULY need one, there’s no turkey baster in the house to suck it out. We have a nasal aspirator of Emm’a but her nose is too large and the object is too large. Thinking, Thinking, Thinking…

Tweezers? Yes! Tweezers!

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. She was squirming and wriggling all over the place, even with two adults holding the poor girl down, but we finally prevailed and produced this…

crayon in the nose

That my friends is the tip of a black crayon. What possessed this girl to shove a crayon up her nose and break the tip off up there is beyond my comprehension. If anything, we are now a lot more prepared for when Emma decides to shove something up her nose, and I guarantee you, she will get something up her nose. It’s genetic.

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  1. says

    HOLY COW! I have only dealt with this one time. Lauren was about two and showed a bead up her nose. I had to use tweezers and I was so afraid she would move and I would shove it up into her brain. I don’t think I ever shoved something in my nose. I’ll have to ask my mom.

    • says

      Yeah, that’s what freaked me out about using tweezers especially with all of her wiggling going on.

  2. says

    Ha! How funny! My oldest once shoved a pea up his nose… Before I could get it out though he sniffed. Then the pea disappeared. Maybe its still floating around in his brain somewhere and that is the cause of all his whacky behavior! lol

    • says

      A pea? Oh my gosh. Luckily we won’t run into that problem, no peas in this house. lol

  3. says

    This must be the years of acting on a whim. It must just be something most kids need to do to rule out that “yep most objects fit up there, but it doesn’t feel good once it is done”.

  4. Angela Bailey says

    My mom says when I was little I rolled a big green leaf up and shoved it up my nose. Apparently tweezers done the trick then too. LOL.

  5. Michelle Small says

    Oh, how funny! My son stuck a half of one of those large plastic easter eggs in his mouth…Hollow side out! What a mess…took about 20 minutes to get it out, once I stopped panicking…I am thankful his nose wasn’t stuffed up or I would have been in real trouble. It’s amazing what things they put in mouths, noses, and ears.

  6. says

    You’re right. That’s snot funny. You handled it great. I would have freaked out. I guess I should invest in a turkey baster.

  7. says

    What is it with kids and noses? My son did this with a bit of colored pencil lead. We could see the color shoved way up in there, but couldn’t get it out. Hours of emergency room later, they couldn’t find it anymore. Xrays…exams…the whole nine yards. I think the first ER doctor knocked it back in his attempt to remove and it got swallowed. I did recover it a day or two later from the other end…
    Maybe you could preempt the youngest by getting some little corks fitted to her nostrils. Nothing in–nothing out!

  8. valmg says

    Are you sure it’s snot just a little funny? Seriously. I am so glad that I never had the pleasure of dealing with this particular problem.

  9. Jackie says

    OMG…you just bought back memories of my daughter 16 years ago (when she was 2). She put a raisin up her nose. I panicked, but was able to grab it with a tweezer. I don’t understand why, but several weeks later she did it again. You have to wonder what they are thinking when they put food in their nose.
    And you are right….its-snot-funny, when it happens. But when they get older, you do have a good laugh about it.

  10. says

    I am dreading the moment that I have to do something similar. But now I have some good ideas, who’da thought a turkey baster would do the trick?
    Glad everything is ok!!

  11. says

    Oh Geezers!!
    Oh, we can laugh now… yikes!
    Isn’t a turkey baster bigger than the nose aspirator anyways?
    I can not remember my boys shoving anything up their nose (maybe hubby does??)
    My biggest frantic-panic was when the youngest was able to grab the dish soap bottle & took a big swig, like his baby bottle or a sippy cup… he was blowing bubbles & I was calling the poison control… luckily they said the worse that would happen is maybe loose stools… I kept the soap up closer to the sink after that, but he never tried to drink it again… yucky!

  12. Leanna Borland says

    My daughter put a tiny tiny Barbie shoe in her nose. I had to use the tweezers also.

  13. says

    Must run in the family because I’m SHOCKED that none of my kids have ever done anything like that. (Knock on wood five times real fast, spinning in circles and standing on my head!!!)

    At least you got it out without having to go to the hospital because we all know it would still be in there seeing as how you love hospitals and doctors so much. lol I’d be hiding all small objects until Emma is 12! lol

  14. says

    my aunt got a peanut stuck up her nose when she was younger…
    I hope that Broxton never does anything like that…

  15. says

    Those two little holes are oh so tempting! When I used to work at a preschool, that would happen all the time. I have yet to experience it with my own daughters, but my mom just bought Aiyana some M&Ms while we were out tonight. I am going to watch extra carefully tomorrow while she is eating them.

    Be sure to pick up another turkey baster!

  16. Susan Marina Brown Lane says

    My oldest son once took the foil off of a mini Reeses cup, rolled it into a ball, and stuck it up his nose. He complained that his nose was hurting. It was bleeding a tiny bit, and running, but we couldn’t see anything. He finally told me what he had done. My husband said he didn’t think he would have really done that. I said “Why in the world would he make something like that up?” I took him to the Dr. The Dr. said it looked scratched in there, but the object must have gone on down his throat. He was not at all concerned. A few days later, my son was fine.
    A few years later, my daughter sneezed out a cotton seed (onto my husband) – my oldest son had brought it home from a field trip, she found and inserted it. You never know what a child is going to do lol.

  17. says

    I couldn’t imagine. HOLY WOW thankfully my kids have never done that. Keeping my fingers crossed it never happens either. HUGS to that poor little girl hopefully she’s not traumatized after all that

    THank goodness it didn’t go so far up there past no return and you didn’t have to run her to the emergency room

  18. says

    As a Gramma to 7 I have a little story to share. First, thanks for making me giggle – I KNOW . . . it’s snot funny, but . . .

    My oldest grandson is now a senior in h.s. When he was in the 8th grade I accompanied his Social Studies class to Washington DC for spring break (from Alaska). While touring the Kennedy Center one of the other boys came to the adults and told us he had stuck a PENNY up his nose and couldn’t get it out.

    We asked (as only adults can) WHY did you stick a penny up your nose? He gestured to another boy and said “Well, he did it and it came right out and it looked like fun . . . and I can’t get it OUT!”

    All Alaskans carry some sort of “leatherman” tool, but none of us had one because of the luggage restrictions. One brave dad finally had the boy blow his nose into his (the dad’s) hand – ewwwwwwwww – load of snot AND the penny.

    Pictures were taken throughout the incident and parents were called (his mother is the leading ob-gyn here) and GREAT amounts of fun were made of young “Penny Brady” throughout the rest of the year.

    Toddlers? Snot so funny. Glad it all came out in the end. Hang in there. ;)

  19. Patti Hess says

    Wow you’ve had some wild stuff going on and you’re right it snot funny’s SNOT ITS SNOT ITS SNOT…no, i am glad everyone seems okay

  20. Shana says

    I’m sorry I’m trying so hard not to laugh but I can’t help it. My son did this not long ago. I can’t remember what it was that was stuck up there. I’m just counting down the days until my daughter and my youngest eventually try it. I also called my mom freaking out asking what to do and also pulled out the tweezers. I only look back and laugh cause I sure as heck wasn’t laughing then lol

  21. says

    It’s not funny…but my son has put beads up his nose at least 3 times and popcorn kernels in his ears twice!! So it’s kinda funny!!!!

  22. says

    I know it’ snot funny but it made me giggle and think of the story Hubby told me after about his 5th time driving school bus. One little girl that is in kindergarten stuffed a plastic bead up her nose and him being the man he is wasn’t sure what to do. Luckily she had an older sister on the bus so when he got to their house he sent the older sister inside to get their mom to come out to the bus so that he could tell her what happened. lol In doing daycare for 18 years,I have to say I have never experienced that one. (Knocking on wood)

    BTW, tag you’re it!! :)

  23. says

    LOL it could’ve been worse. My friend did that with a raisin. Since raisins are dried, they re-hydrate with the moisture of the snot, and you usually have to go to the doctor to get them removed.

  24. says

    We get to dig stuff out of monkey’s nose all the time. It is part of the bedtime ritual LOL, luckily nothing that big has been that far up …yet

  25. Gigi says

    Always have a Nosefrida aspirator ready… gets anything out of the kiddie’s noses…. and a miracle worker on snot obviously, guess that’s why they call it “Nosefrida The Snotsucker”. A must have if you ask me.

  26. says

    Oh my goodness. I wonder if she tried to stick the entire crayon up her nose and then the tip broke off. Children are such curious creatures. lol. Hopeful she will remember this incident and keep everything out of her nose. And God Bless you and your husband for having the patience to get it out. I don’t know what I would have done. : )

  27. Jennifer H says

    LOL It’s funny when u look back on it, but not in the moment! I hope my lil one doesn’t do that! :) I don’t know what I would do.

  28. says

    Yikes. Not cool. Luckily, we haven’t had any mishaps like that, knock on wood. Only thing we’ve had to deal with is picking boogers and trying to eat them. A habit we think he got from one of our neighbors’ kids.


  29. Eileen says

    Yep…with 6 kids we have had that and more. Up the nose, in the ear…and lots of urgent care visits. Once was a teensy weensy little polly pockets toy and it took HOURS for doc to get out.

    Once my brother put a piece of his PILLOW stuffing up his nose…the old kinds that were like sponge material. it was up there for weeks and had to have it remove by a doctor. It was SNOT a good thing. Smelled like road kill. WHY do they DO THIS!!????

    FUnny post, Cat. Made me laugh to remember!