iPhone Photography | Flowery Things Around the Yard

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After days and days of chilly temperatures it finally warmed up enough for the family to venture outside. I couldn’t help but “stop and smell the roses” so to speak, noticing all of the pretty things that have grown since I was last outside.

For starters, my 6 year old hosta came back bigger than ever.

6 year old hostas

I filled in some more rock around the mailbox garden which is blooming quite nicely.

brick mailbox rock garden

The phlox aren’t near as pretty as they were two weeks ago but pretty enough.

purple creeping phlox

I added two new fuchsia baskets which happen to be my favorite hanging plant ever!

purple hanging fuschia flower



Emma picked out some dragonfly thingies to put by the mums.

shiny garden dragonfly

And finally, probably the most interesting of them all is this next one. We found something inside our brick mailbox. Our son told us he saw a bird crawling under the mailbox (the black part usually inside the hole) which has a little gap on the bottom. I pulled out the box to find that a bird had in fact built a nest from the ground up (about 4 feet high) inside the brick. We see her fly in every few hours or so with something new in her beak, mostly green leaves these days.

bird nest in mailbox

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    • says

      That’s a bummer. Maybe you could plant some along the edge of your house? I want to add more of them around my mums as like a ground cover, I’m sick of pulling weeds and grass.

    • says

      I don’t think the iPad has the same camera as the iPhone, maybe the new 3 does though. The pictures I always took with my iPad were so grainy. These are from the iPhone 4s with Instagram. Love that app!

  1. says

    I love the hosta! I want a huge one. I have some baby ones I planted next year. I have a claimed a piece of the new side flower bed as a hosta zone!

    • says

      Oh I love them too. It’s funny how such a simple little plant can be so pretty. We added some little ones around our tree ring but they’re getting too much sun and just not doing well.

  2. says

    Your plants are so pretty! My hostas are starting to come up too, I can’t wait until they’re big and full! How fun that you have a mailbox resident to spy on with the kids!

  3. says

    See, all you need to do to get your fill of nature is just go explore your own yard! :)
    It always excites me when I find a bird nest or see a bird building one-It’s just so amazing!