Ideas for #OlympicsAdventures Before the 2014 Winter Olympics

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Growing up, I can remember being glued to the television every other summer and winter to watch the Olympics on television. I remember being mesmerized by ice queens Michelle Kwan, Nancy Kerrigan and my forever favorite, Kristi Yamaguchi. These were the kind of athletes that inspired me to work (and play) hard. They’re also the kind of athletes I want my own children to look up to and aspire to be like.

Michelle Kwan
photo credit: Kevin Rushforth Flickr

That is why I was so excited when NBC reached out to me to get our family into the spirit this year by planning a fun and adventurous Winter Olympics-inspired family outing! Before the 2014 Olympics air on NBC this winter, we’re have some Olympic Adventures of our own. We started with some ‘trials’ at the local sledding hill where the kids got to practice some downhill luge (aka sledding). Even dad got in on the fun when he got air over a bump in the hill. Be sure to come back in January when we share our race to the finish line and see who takes home the gold, silver and bronze medals!

Until then, check out this Pinterest board I put together. It’s packed full of ideas for your Olympics Adventures at home. If snow is hard to come by where you live, there are still plenty of ways to join in on the fun. The Olympics themed BINGO game is my top pick. Also, check out the food ideas for your own little party.

For the first time ever, the 2014 Winter Olympics will kick-off February 6th on NBC, one night before the opening ceremonies, featuring new Olympic sport Snowboard Slopestyle! Will you be watching? What’s your favorite winter sport?


NBC has asked me to help promote the 2014 Winter Olympics. I am being compensated for my participation in the program but all opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of NBC.

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  1. I grew up loving watching the Olympics also. Gymnastics and ice skating were always my favorite. Your video seems so much fun, I think I caught you smiling in the end :). Looks like a great family outing.

  2. We just had a big ice storm here and I wish I could have taken the girls sledding! They have never been! But with my dad’s situation we were not able to go. I loved watching your video on FB of you sledding! So much fun! Going to go check out your pinterest board. By the way, thanks for the virtual hug! :)

  3. This is awesome Cat! I was just planning activities for my kiddos to do when the Olympics are going on, your Pinterest board will be so helpful!

  4. So much fun! I can’t believe it is already time for the Olympics. I love watching the winter Olympics.

  5. Oh, what fantastic fun! Believe it or not, I have never tried sledding before.

  6. I loved figure skating when I was little. I sent a letter to Nancy Kerrigan and got an autographed picture sent back that she wrote out a little note to me.

  7. I love the Olympics! Especially the ice skating!

  8. The Winter Olympics kicks off on my birthday?!

    It looks like you all had a great time getting ready!

  9. I loved watching Nancy and Michelle too! I used to pretend I was a gorgeous ice skater just like them.

  10. How fun! I don’t watch much of the Olympics- my husband loves to watch the winter Olympics while I’m partial to the figure skating and gymnastics. The athletes amaze me.

  11. Looks like you guys had fun! I, too love watching winter olympics, especially the figure skating!

  12. Figure skating/ice skating and gymnastics were/are my faves. I can’t wait for the Olympics!

  13. I cant wait for hockey!!! I am going to be so torn wanting America to win but watching my favorite hockey players play for their home countries.

  14. We just got a ton of snow and are looking forward to going sledding this weekend! I haven’t been in years, and it will be my sons first time :) It looks like you all had a great time in your video.

  15. My family is glued to the TV during the Olympics. I love your ideas here!

  16. Oh my goodness, this is so exciting!! It looks like you had a total blast sledding! I wish we had the opportunity to go somewhere cold this winter so that we could play in the snow too.

  17. While not a fan of winter and snow usually there is jsut something about the Winter Olympics that I love.

  18. We’ve never done much for the Olympics .I actually didn’t realize until last night that they were even coming up. Oops!

  19. Oh that video of you is so stinking funny…i prefer it with you saying THIS IS A BAD IDEA! HAHAHAHAHHA

  20. Big fan of Michelle Kwan! Loved watching the Winter Olympics when we were kids in Puerto Rico. Skating is still our favorite.

  21. I am soooo excited for the Olympics to be here. I too was a Nancy K. Fan!

  22. I am soooo excited for the Olympics to be here. I too was a Nancy K. Fan! I am looking forward to curling too!

  23. I am so excited for the Olympics too! I am looking forward to some curling too!

  24. How fun! I love watching the winter Olympics. Ice skating is my favorite!

  25. My girls and I have been going ice skating together so I hope to get them interested in watching the Olympics with me!