How to Make a NFL Football Helmet Cake | Packers vs Cowboys

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November is a big month for birthdays in our family. We have birthdays for my mom, dad and husband all within a two week time frame. This year I wanted to surprise the men in my life with some manly birthday cakes in the shape of a helmet with their favorite NFL teams decorated on top. It just so happens my dad is the biggest Green Bay Packers fan you’ll ever know and my husband is a (stinky) Dallas Cowboys fan.

To make these cakes I used the Wilton helmet cake pan that requires a single box mix and bakes in about an hour.

chocolate cake helmet

Once cooled, the cake pan can be flipped over to reveal a plain football helmet. Unlike the team specific cake pans from the NFL store, these are great because this one pan can be universally used for whatever football team you like whether that be a high school, college or professional team.

The only difficult part is that you’ll need to either create, print and transfer your design or free-hand it like I did. If you need to do a transfer, Wilton has a great technique you can learn about here.

With some of the Wilton gel colors for icing and a batch of fresh make buttercream, I was able to pipe dozens of little colored stars on each cake to create a Dallas Cowboys helmet cake and a Green Bay Packers helmet cake. The boys were HAPPY!


NFL Dallas Cowboys Helmet Cake

NFL Green Bay Packers Helmet Cake

Disclosure – Wilton provided me with the cake pan and icing colors to create these cakes.

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  1. I need one of those Packer cakes!!

  2. Cat, they turned out great!! Love it :)

  3. Cat those rock. My dad would love the Packers cake!

  4. Those look great!

  5. Oh my gosh! This is so cool!

  6. Those are AWESOME! I can’t believe you did those free-hand. There is no way I could do that, I’d definately need a template.
    I’m gonna have to look into that helmet pan for my hubby’s birthday in March. I know he’d love a NYGiants cake. =)

    • I bet you could definitely do it. If you do need a template when the time comes, just email me and I’ll make you one.

      • That is so sweet of you, I will definitely keep that in mind. Bill will be 70 in March, so I want to give him a nice party. I’m sure he’ll love that cake.

  7. This is awesome! My grandson’s birthday is coming up and he asked for a Cardinals cake. I’ll have to check the Wilton sections at Walmart and JoAnns to see if they have this. Thanks!

  8. Jessie C. says:

    This is super! I want the Packer one!

  9. I am not a Packers fan or a Cowboys fan but both of those cakes looks awesome. If you ever make another one can you make a Titans cake please. LOL. I need Melinda to buy one of these and make a Titans cake for me. Thanks for sharing.

  10. courtney b says:

    oh wow the hubby would love this! so pretty!

  11. The cakes rock (even though the teams don’t lol)! Go Patriots!

  12. Jennifer Marie says:

    Wow-looks great!

  13. That is impressive!

  14. Very Impressive!

  15. Those are completely amazing!

  16. Christina Z says:

    I love this and am going to try to make one this weekend : )

  17. So many guys in my family would love this. Thanks for the idea also because my husband’s birthday is in February. Will definitely be making on for the Colts.

  18. Eileen says:

    Go Pack! I used to so these types of cakes ALL the time, but it has been YEARS! Have to get back into practice now that we have a little one in the house again (grand daughter) AND a 12 year old who aspires to be a chef someday. I know she could do this and would love to practice with those star tips! Great job…um, even on the “stinky” Cowboys one! LOL!

  19. Those look great but would look better in “black and gold” hahaha. I am such a Saints fan, can you tell. If I make this, I would end up having to make two. My husband would insist on me making one in Pittsbugh Steeler Colors.

  20. Rachel says:

    Does anyone know how to get the Packers green and yellow colors with Wilton frosting? Looks to me like the green has some blue in it and the yellow has some orange, but I’m trying to make this cake in a few days and I’m not sure I can match colors. Any help?

    • Hi Rachel – I used the following Wilton gel icing colors – golden yellow and kelly green with the littlest touch of black (very tiny). The colors look odd at first but they develop and darken after a few hours.

  21. Yasmina says:

    Absolutely stunning work you’ve done here. I have a few questions and I hope you can help.

    What’s your buttercream recipe like for this kind of work? I’ve had trouble making a buttercream that isn’t so heavy with shortening but I feel that’s how they hold up for piping…which leads me to the second question… what tip number is this?

    I’m making a Super Bowl cake for this Sunday and I’d like for it to be as delious as this looks. Thanks in advance, Cat!

  22. Francisca says:

    Hello these cakes are beautiful. Great job. What size is the pan that you used?