How to Make a DIY Whiskey Barrel Flower Garden

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

Last weekend we took the whole family out to The Home Depot to shop for some Spring gardening supplies. You may have already seen that we got everything we needed to make a whiskey barrel flower planter and now I want to show you how we made it.

This project is extremely easy to do for a beginner and adds a rustic look popping with color to outdoor landscaping. To get started you’ll only need a few supplies and tools.

Supplies Needed

Tools Needed

  • drill with large drill bit

How to Make a DIY Whiskey Barrel Flower Planter


To get started with this project you’ll want to flop the whiskey barrel upside down and drill 4 drainage holes about the size of a quarter spaced evenly on the bottom. Once all of the holes are drilled you can flip the barrel back over. Now once the barrel is filled it will be very heavy and difficult to move. So my first tip is to put the barrel where you’ll want it displayed BEFORE beginning filling it.


Next, fill the bottom of the barrel, about an inch or two deep with the rock. This will help water drain!


Fill the barrel with potting soil leaving an inch of space between the soil and the top of the barrel. You don’t want soil spilling over the edge.


Start by digging a hole in the center and planting your first flower plant right in the middle. Then plant the rest of the flowers around the pot but make sure to leave space for them to grow and expand all summer long.


Watch in below as a Home Depot gardening expert goes through building a whiskey barrel planter from start to finish.

This is the perfect outdoor project to do with kids of all ages. They can help with almost every aspect of this activity from picking out the flowers to getting dirty and digging the holes. My youngest daughter Emma was very enthusiastic about putting the flowers in just the right spot. For more step-by-step projects be sure to visit The Home Depot Garden Club online and collect project ideas with the Home Depot Garden Club Pinterest board! Be sure to check back next week where I’ll share the completed project and see how everything is growing.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.


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    Living up north we see these all the time. I told hubby I want one. Super easy. Guess what we’ll be making as soon as this dumb frost goes!

  2. says

    You did a great job girl! I’ve been wanting to start a garden, but I think the barrel garden is the only way to go for us – given time and space. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    I didn’t even know they sold those barrels at Home Depot! I am definitely going to have to pick some up, I LOVE the way they look! Thanks for the step-by-step directions!