Honoring Memorial Day and My Grandfather

Today for the first time in 9 years, our family made the short trip to Camp Butler National Cemetery. We were there for two reasons. One, I wanted to visit my grandpa’s grave. He was a WWII veteran before losing his battle with cancer in 2003 and the only grandpa I ever knew. Two, we wanted to give the kids a more hands on lesson about Memorial Day. Learning about the day in a school text book just doesn’t compare to walking through the cemetery, reading the names and remembering the fallen soldiers.

memorial day flag

dallas m stigleman wwII camp butler


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    What a great lesson to teach the kids. Learning by experiencing and seeing everything first hand really is different than reading it in a book.

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      It really is. I think more than anything it helped the kids understand that these soldiers were real people with loved ones. My daughter was so sweet, she was fixing potted plants that the wind had blown over.