Home Farming Challenge – Preparing to Harvest

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A little over three months ago I began the process of creating a home farm for my family using raised beds. At that moment, I knew there would be challenges, setbacks and the possibility of failure. What I hadn’t realized at the time is how amazing it would feel to not only learn how to avoid home farming problems but actually overcome those challenges. Yet, I did, all thanks to the Triscuit Home Farming website. Through videos, community questions with expert answers and crop guides, I was able to build, grow and harvest an incredible assortment of vegetables and herbs. While not all of my crop is ready for picking, I want to share with you what has developed in our little backyard oasis.

First, let’s look back at how our home farm began …

Home Farm Before

And now, our home farm today …

As I mentioned in the video, we’ve had such incredible growth with the tomatoes that I wanted to share with our friends and family to avoid letting any go to waste. Just this past week my parent stopped by to pick a few handfuls of the grape tomatoes for a pasta salad. Next week I’ll be harvesting the onions, carrots, drying herbs and sharing some of our favorite recipes from the farm.

You might also like to know that on August 15th my home farming will be part of a contest where YOU get to vote for your favorite farm. You can visit http://www.bhg.com/blogs/home-farming/ to vote for your favorite very soon, which I of course hope will be mine.

DisclosureThis is a compensated, sponsored post for Triscuit. All ideas, thoughts, experiences are my own. Be sure to check out my posts as well as the other bloggers participating in this challenge on Better Homes and Garden’s Home Farming Challenge page.

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    WOW!! Your tomatoes grew as big as mine! That is just craziness. Congrats Cat on your home farm successes! I am just like you – I learned so much and will definitely be doing this again next year.

  2. says

    Beautiful garden :) We had a good year too and so many tomatoes. Can’t come up with ways to use them anymore LOL

  3. says

    WOOOOO!!!!I wish we did have that many tomatoes right now. Our plants are very tall but not a lot of tomatoes. I once heard that the lightening makes them grow. Everytime it stormed this year the next morning I could see the growth. Just wish we had more matoes to share. Love your garden!!!!