Holiday Recipe | Chocolate Dipped Caramels

Remember a few weeks back when I made those delicious vanilla bean caramels? Well, I also turned them into a sweet treat for holiday gifting.

You could even add some of your favorite nuts to make them a really indulgent treat. All you need is that caramels recipe, some good quality dipping chocolate and holiday sprinkles.

homemade chocolate dipped caramels


Since I had already made the caramels and packaged them in wax paper, all you need to do is flatten them a bit in your hands before dipping. A Silpat mat is also great to have on hand so they the chocolate has a place to harden without making a mess. You could also use wax paper.



Christmas chocolate dipped caramels


  1. Evelyn Goettner says

    Caramels are my favorite candy. I have to make these! Hopefully without burning myself with hot, sticky caramel lol