Holiday Fun with the HP Envy 23 TouchSmart AiO PC #HPFamilyTime

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This past week I’ve been going over my holiday shopping checklist again and again to make sure I got everything I needed for my friends and family. Every year I make sure everyone gets a personal gift and together my husband and I also decide on a family gift, something that can be enjoyed and shared by everyone in the house. One year it was a gaming system, another year it was family passes to a water park but this year, the decision of the family gift was taken out of our hands.

Last week HP sent our family an Envy 23 TouchSmart AiO PC loaded with the new Windows 8. It didn’t take long at all to set up given the fact this all-in-one is built to plug and go. With just one power cord, a wireless keyboard, mouse and built-in speakers, wifi and more it was the easiest PC set-up I’ve ever done in my life.

HP Envy 23 TouchSmart AiO books and paint

What makes this the perfect family gift?

Well, the standout feature for our family is the touch screen. For younger children like mine that aren’t quite coordinated enough to use a keyboard and mouse yet, the touch screen makes it easy for them to use the computer. After years of using touch screen tablets, the girls were very well prepared and knew exactly how to use it.

The new Windows 8 makes program access easy enough for my 3 year old to tap into Netflix and pick her favorite shows to watch. The 23″ screen is bright, crisp and perfect for watching our favorite holiday shows together while snuggled up in our big old bed.

Even better, the Fresh Paint application is wonderful for little ones with an artistic side that love to draw and paint (without the messy clean up). There are so many kid-friendly applications available in the app store to download and use for kids of all of ages.

See the HP Envy 23 TouchSmart AiO in Action

I put together a quick video below that shows just how fun the Envy is and how we’re using it this holiday season. Also, check back on Friday for a chance to win an Envy for your family!!!

I’d love to hear from you … how does your family use your computer during the holiday season to stay connected with family and friends?

From now until January 3, 2012 you can enter to win this!!! Click the image for the entry form.

* I wrote this review while participating in a program on behalf of HP and received an ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO and other products as a thank you for my participation. In addition, Netflix provided me with a special account to use during this program.

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  1. says

    Oh, it is pretty that is for sure. I love that it is touch screened also.

    We use the computer to ‘talk’ to family who is not close over the holidays. I love that my kids can actually see Grandma while they talk to her.

    • says

      It’s so nice to see this generation of grandmas getting into technology. I’m still working on my mom to ditch her old desktop and AOL dial-up (yes, that still exists) for something a bit faster.

  2. says

    We mostly use Facebook and Skype to stay connected. What a nice PC you’ve got there. Great video and review Cat!

    • says

      Those are both great. I need to get signed up with Skype, there’s an app for that built right in that I need to take advantage of.

  3. says

    So I’m not normally a PC girl, we’ve had Macs for 7 years, but I am really loving the touch screen and capabilities! Very nice video review, it really showed me just how easy it is to use!

  4. says

    See now this is the one Best buy told me was not up and up on the technology yet and that its a step back and told me to buy a regular old CPU…for real. In July. So i am watching this with a lot of interest.


    • says

      You should take a look at all the different options and specs at – these are some powerful machines with upgrade options. If I didn’t want to share it with the kids I could definitely replace my desktop with the HP Envy.

  5. says

    Great review Cat! I love the video, it’s very helpful. I just got mine on Monday and didn’t know you could search the music area by song titles, that is so handy, helpful & neat! I love the Christmas card your kids did, it’s so cute. Fresh Paint is so much fun!

    • says

      Yeah, it took me a bit to figure that out but that charm bar is incredibly helpful. You can search pretty much anything with that.

  6. Karen Medlin says

    We skype with family that don’t live close.. I like the touch screen, this is perfect solution for those that have difficulty with typing on a keyboard.

    • says

      Definitely! I still need to find a program to teach my son how to type but for now he can use the touch screen keyboard with ease.

  7. says

    Looooove your video Cat! And that computer is the bees knees! I love the touch screen… I’m just enjoying the way technology is going lately! So fun and exciting! :)

    • says

      Bees Knees? LOL I love you! I can’t get enough of that touch screen, except when I go back to using my other PC I try to touch the screen and nothing happens. lol

      • says

        I try to keep it real… real old school. Hahaha. :) And yes I have the same problem. I’m reviewing a touch screen laptop… and well I just want to touch everything now!

  8. says

    That’s so neat! I wasn’t sure I’d like touch screen stuff but after getting a touch screen phone I’ve realized how much I love it lol. We are lucky that most of our family (and grandparents) live close by but we’re using the computer more to talk to my brother who is stationed in North Carolina at the moment.

  9. Amber says

    Great review! The video and photos were so helpful, and I love the touchscreen!

  10. says

    All of my computers have been HP, I’ve been checking out the Touch Screen ones, they look so amazing and I can think of a million ways to use all of the new features! How is the screen with fingerprints? I mean do you have to continuously clean it?

      • says

        lol, I imagine! I am so tempted to get one of these next year with income tax! My son would love playing with it in his art & design programs, the touchscreen would be perfect for that type of use!

  11. Jill L says

    I have the perfect place picked out for a computer like this. It would be great on my desk in the kitchen. I could check out recipes or when the kids want to play on the computer, I would be right there to watch over them. Dropping hints like crazy to my husband.

  12. says

    I love the windows 8 upgrades to this machine. Makes mine look old school and I was just gushing over my own. I do love the touch functions . But mostly I am enamored with the all in one idea. And it almost fits anywhere a small tv would.

  13. Daniela Tapia says

    Wow its so cool how you technology is changing!! I haven’t seen a computer like this but for what i see . Its great!! Love how y’all are enjoying your new hp envy.

  14. Amy Catherine says

    This is amazing, I love the screen resolution and touch screen. I could literally play with it all day :) windows 8 looks pretty dapper too, looks like it’s build for the touch interface!

    • Amy Catherine says

      The speakers seem really good for an AIO computer too. Quite amazing, really liked this review :)

  15. says

    I LOVE this. My daughter who is the artist in our family would really enjoy being able to “draw” on it, perfect to help get creativity out :)

  16. says

    I am computer shopping right now and looking at a Macbook for a chance from the PC’s. But I love the sleekness of this computer and I know Amara would too. And the ease of set up is a huge factor for me. I may know my way around online but setting up technology? Not so much lol

  17. says

    This is wonderful Christmas Gift for the entire family. I love that you said the set up is easy and the touch screen would perfect for my grandkids to use. I also love the huge screen and that’s it’s an all in one pc. I haven’t tried Windows 8 yet. It looks really easy to use. I have been researching computers since mine needs to be replaced and I’ll be sure to add this one to my list of possibilities.

  18. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I’d LOVE to learn how to use this. It seems to have almost everything you’d find in the coolest gadgets out there.

  19. Chris Shari Alligood says

    This looks to be the next best thing in the tech world!! I can’t wait to try one out!

  20. Rust says

    I really like how compact it is …and that touch screen would be fun! Great review, and I enjoyed your video!

  21. ArcyEm says

    Touch screen computers are great! And all-in-ones take up much less space. Love ‘em!

  22. deb c says

    I can’t believe how little room it takes up. I’ve really never used a touch screen, but, I’m sure once you get use to it it’s pretty easy. I really like the 23″ screen.

  23. says

    I love all the features. Especially how much the girls are enjoying! M took over my iPad, so I’d love to share this with her too :)

  24. Margaret Smith says

    My Dad lives out of State, we’re in NJ and he’s in So. Carolina. We stay connected by sending emails and photo’s to each other. Even my kids go online and talk to Pop and send him photo’s. Since Christmas, we won’t be together this year, (Hurricane Sandy used up too many of the kids snow days), we’ll be talking to my Dad and sending him photo’s of our tree and of the kids opening up their presents from Santa.

  25. Chelsey says

    This would be perfect for my family! My daughters like to play on the computer, but my youngest is at just the right age to want to play games but is not quite coordinated enough to do so with a mouse and keyboard. And the easy set up is right up my alley.

  26. Evelyn Goettner says

    What an awesome computer! Looks great and love the touchscreen. Would be helpful when I Skype distant relatives.

  27. says

    I love how family friendly this computer is. My 3 year old would have so much fun drawing and exploring with his hands!

  28. Vickie Couturier says

    gosh I need this so bad,mine are all cheap an crappy,an so slow,,this is one nice computer

  29. Megan says

    I love that it is touch screen. My 5 year old would also love the easy way to get to netflix through Windows 8.

  30. Erika says

    My kids would love the drawing feature! Also love the touch screen! Thanks for your thoughts!

  31. Jerry Lafferty says

    I really like the ease of use by even the most novice of users, And I really like how easy it is to set up and use. Even my mother who is seventy could set this up and use it and she has never even touched a computer in her life.

  32. Shane Dickson (Oregon Slacker) says

    Great review, love the way the new technology helps bring the family together to share with other parts of your extended family!

  33. Sarah Hirsch says

    i love that it is a laptop with a touchscreen! I am in need of a new laptop, I will have to check this one out.

  34. April Yedinak says

    This is a slick computer. We use ours during the holidays to Skype with family that lives far away. I also like to share photos and e-cards online.

  35. Tammy S says

    This is amazing. I love the touchscreen. It makes it so easy for everyone to use! I do have computer Envy! :)

  36. says

    We use technology to stay in touch when we can’t be somewhere in person. I prefer to be able to share real hugs with family but sometimes digital hugs will have to do!

    I love the new Windows 8. Played with it at the Microsoft store!

  37. says

    Yesterday I was at Costco checking out an HP computer. I wanted to buy it on the spot! Such a wonderful computer and a GREAT price. I love connecting with family & friends using Skype, email, and cute fun e-cards. Having a new HP computer would make it so much easier… and more fun, too!

  38. Brady says

    Great review. Would love to own one of these. I’d have this sitting on my lap using it like an oversize iPad lol.

  39. says

    Great review! We use skype to connect with family and friends that are far away during the holidays. It’s my favorite wait to connect and feel like I can still be close to those that I can’t see in person.

  40. Jeff Legg says

    That is one sweet machine! Our home PC is very outdated and on iys last legs, this PC would be awesome!

  41. says

    Beautiful computer. I love how your kids can draw on it and use it. The screen is a great size too. Your daughter is gorgeous.

  42. Thuy Vu says

    These are great computers. I was able to play with it at a local retailer and found that it is very family oriented.

  43. Diane Sallans says

    isn’t hat something that it’s Touchscreen! And that Christmas Countdown App is so cool. I hadn’t thought about full size PC’s having these type options.

  44. Betty Baez says

    Havent tried windows 8 yet, but would love to. I like that its plug in and go no long setup needed. We use our laptop to skype with family and friends and send and receive pictures

  45. Christina says

    What a fun computer! We skpe to stay connected with my (adult – 20 and 21) niece and nehpew during the holidays since they live so far away now.

  46. Jen says

    Great Video! I have been looking at this computer to put in our living room for the family. I thought i was going to get an Imac but this seems to be a better fit!

  47. courtney b says

    great pics. i think this is perfect for kids of all ages, to play games and learn educational tools :) thanks for sharing- and i hope i win the giveaway!

  48. Ravzie says

    I love the touch screen on my tablet, so I’d really enjoy the touch screen on the desktop as well! As great as a keyboard might be, there are just so many things you can do with a touch screen.

  49. Shelbie Johnston says

    HP has always been a brand I could trust, and have been saving to buy a new one, mine is crapping out. Your review has me convinced, this HP is the one I want! Thanks Cat!

  50. Terri says

    I love, Love, LOVE the touchscreen!!! Great review! Love the idea of a wireless keyboard and mouse

  51. Blessie Nelson says

    I am such a hardcore touch screen person…I absolutely love that about this hp laptop!

  52. ellen beck says

    I love the touchscreen- and some of the windows8 features are amazing. The whole drawing thing has me amazed as does the swipe password.
    The advances in this machine over the previous models is amazing!

  53. says

    We are staying in touch with cousins on my mom’s side of the family through Facebook. I started a closed group where we can share what’s going on in our lives. I also have several blogs, including a family history blog.

  54. says

    The touch screen is fabulous on its own, but as someone who periodically suffers from back issues related to a car accident a bazillion years ago, it’s the all-in-one feature that really interests me. Every time I want to re-arrange my furniture it seems I risk blowing my back out by moving my current desktop around. And this would be much easier to keep clean – no more worrying about all the dust getting sucked into the CPU. Also great that there’s one less cord involved. I don’t know how much energy it sucks up as compared to a separate CUP/Monitor, but it would seem like there would be some savings involved as well. Sounds like a great deal to me! :)

  55. Margot C says

    That Fresh Paint application is so fun; Alysia has one at her school.

  56. Daiva says

    I love that it is so compact and universal – it has both touch screen and keyboard!

  57. says

    I love the touch screen! I’m thinking my toddler would have so much fun using it since he loves playing computer games but doesn’t do so well with the mouse yet.

  58. Lydia says

    This looks like a great desktop. I’ve been mostly looking into laptops, but honestly probably wouldn’t take it out of the house much. I’ll consider this!

  59. Jennifer says

    me and my family use skype to keep in touch. i mean since we have family all across the world, India, England, Australia, its great to be able to see them every week. And it’s much cheaper than long distance calling on the phone!

  60. rob says

    HP is offering a great deal on their website. 25% off using DT1261 as a coupon code and free two day shipping (as long as original price is $999 before the coupon is applied). So I just bought a 23inch Envy. Can’t wait!

  61. Kenia says

    We use facebook to talk to family and friends. We also use Skype with whoever in the family has it too =] Happy Holidays.

  62. Anita Leibert says

    Wow! I am very impressed with this computer and would love nothing more than to replace my ancient laptop with one! This year my husband and I have not really used our current computer to do much in the way of communicating for the holidays. We snail mailed Christmas cards this year which I feel is much nicer and we will be getting together with family in person during the holiday season :)

  63. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    HP is the only brand of computer we will allow in our home. And now a touch screen….I think that HP has out done themselves this time. Thus us the perfect computer for everyone. It is on my wish list. A would love the 23″ screen. No more eyestrain. And windows 8. Who could want for more?

    Awesomely Awesome Awesomeness

  64. says

    Wow Great Review. I run a small daycare and am looking to replace my big old TV & Entertainment Center so we have more room (I live in a very tiny apartment & have 3 kids so more room is a VERY good thing!). It looks like this monitor would be right up our alley. I think I’ve seen something like this – just wondering could it be hung on the wall and removed to turn it for viewing??? The drawing thing & the apps would be great too – even with it hung on the wall.

    Thanks again!

  65. Christina Z says

    What an amazing computer. I love how easy the touch screen looks like it is to operate and so easy to hook up with minimal cords and wires.

  66. susan says

    Wow ~ this makes it so easy to keep in touch all year long! I know technology is changing but this is totally new. I think the possibilities are endless! Thanks for sharing all about it.

  67. NIcole Strunk says

    This looks like it would be an amazing learning tool for youngsters and easy enough for me to pick up on quickly.

  68. Annette says

    You did a great job on the review – I’m sold! Loved the card created by your daughter.

  69. Asia Clayborne says

    I love the creative design aspect of this computer. My husband is a painter/graphic designer and after reading your review and looking at the images of your family using this computer, I without a doubt believe this HP would be PERFECT for our family. Seeing the image of your daughter drawing on the computer really brought a smile to my face, because my daughter is following after her dad, in regards to picking up his skills for painting/drawing etc! The kid friendly applications, including the one you mentioned (Fresh Paint) would be wonderful to use. I also love the fact you said it was easy to set up! That is one thing about computers that can be negative; the set up process! It’s good to know you had zero trouble setting it up! The screen looked very clear & bright which is another plus for us, because my husband is legally blind in one eye, so he certainly has to have good lighting on the screen! Overall, this HP looks like it is family friendly, easy to use, and definitely can bring out the creative side in all of us with the touch smart capability!

  70. Sprinkle says

    I love the smart technology as in even the kids can do drawing and make it look creative. Excellent computer! :)

  71. joanne gentry says

    I love how bright and how large the screen is, wow it’s a beautiful computer! The covenience of just plugging it in and using it immediately is such a plus also! Thank you…and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  72. Earnestine says

    Well I am a 66yr old grandma and i am not too good with new technology but i read your review and it makes me feel like i would be able to use this computer very easily. i like that it is a touch screen which my daughter has recommended i get. i wasnt too sure, maybe i had a bit of fear of new technology and high tech gadgets but i think this grandma can be just as tech savvy as anyone else! i generally use the computer to keep in touch with my daughter and my sisters and brother. we love sending emails and messages on facebook, i joined a computer class at my local library so i am getting the hang of all these great things and i enjoy playing my games on the computer too. thank you it would be a wonderful gift for me.

  73. Heather says

    This computer sounds like it is really great for family use. We use the computer to Skype with our family that lives across the country.

  74. Joan says

    We take full advantage of Skype and social media networks to stay in touch during the holidays.

  75. David B says

    HP has made great strides with their laptops in recent years. My vista machine was a 1000% improvement over my XP machine. The Envy 23 TouchSmart AiO looks like another leap in the right direction for HP!

  76. Gayle Watkins says

    My son is on the opposite coast and we used the computer to be able to open gifts “together.” My husband, daughter, grandkids and I could watch him and he could see us and the kids, and we could talk. It would have been much nicer with the HP computer with the nicer screen and faster speed.

  77. carla bonesteel says

    I did most of my shopping online…and sent emails to family far away…My boyfriend and I would LOVE this hp…

  78. says

    The whole thing seems pretty easy. You said the set up was easy, and it seems like the touch screen makes it easy too. Looks like a great machine.

  79. illy junus says

    I love to use this computer, i think is very easy to use and my son would have blast using it with all the education and art apps that available now.

  80. R Brapham says

    Just what I would expect from HP. I love HP products and HP upgrade program.

  81. Melissa P. says

    I love this machine. The size, the features, the look and feel. LOL. It would be the perfect replacement for my old Dell.

  82. Molly Bussler says

    This is one of my wishes, that I had for Christmas, but Santa didn’t bring it :( maybe all is not lost…I love it! :D

  83. Jennifer Hedden says

    I love that this computer has a touch screen! It makes it easier for my girls to use it. I also like that the keyboard and mouse are wireless. I would really enjoy the music center. I haven’t got to try Windows 8 yet, but I can’t wait to. Thank you for the great review!

  84. Katy M says

    I think this is one of the most innovative personal computers in a long time. Combining tablet/ laptop/ pc is super-smart and so cool!


  85. says

    This looks wonderful! It would definitely come in handy when Skyping with my nieces/nephew when we move, and would be a LOT better to use for running my nonprofit than the stone-age laptop I’m currently using lol.

  86. says

    I think the thing that most attracted me about your review was the ease of setup. We’re exhausted from too many sets of inferior instructions that we can’t figure out. :-)

  87. Nancy Hilderbrand says

    I use my computer to talk to my family because the only time I go anywhere is to dialysis.

  88. Jenny N says

    We use Skype, facebook not so much email as we used to. Love the touchscreens!

  89. Rosanne says

    It seems I can hardly keep my kids from engaging with each other while we are all here and stop looking at their iphones, ipads, ipods or computers.

  90. Christina Sunday says

    We normally do Skype ! This computer is amazing ! I love the fact that my kids can use it too and its not complicated for them to use ! This seems like a great compuiter for the whole family to enjoy ! Thanks for the review!

  91. Amanda Sakovitz says

    this computer has it all! I love the fact that a computer can be so family active and bring everyone together to create things

  92. says

    This computer rocks. Makes me giggle though – my son plays on a touch screen often and gets to Grandma’s NON-touch screen and tries to get it to work to no avail! LOL This would be a fantastic desktop to have since he is so used to touch!

  93. Heather S says

    The touchscreen looks wonderful! My mom would love one of these computers! Thanks for the review.

  94. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh I LOVE the touchscreen! I have never seen one. That looks so easy to use! I just love the large screen too! And I know my grandson would love to be able to draw on the touch screen like you did! That is so neat!!!!!

  95. Dena Sablotny says

    This looks like a great computer. I would love to try the touch screen feature and see if I like it more than using a mouse!

  96. Janet says

    Nice review (and nice YouTube video too). I can’t wait to try Windows 8 (I only have Windows 7). I bet a touchscreen PC is wonderful — I know my daughter would love it (and I bet I would too).

  97. says

    Pretty sure this would be absolutely perfect for our office! I am a big fan of the new HP computers, and Windows 8 is a nice upgrade as well.

  98. Jan Roberts says

    Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! I’m currently limping along on an 11 YO home-built. It DOES still work, but it’s pretty dated

  99. Chelsea O. says

    This is the new wave of PCs. Making them more tablet like and user friendly.

  100. krista grandstaff says

    This looks fantastic!! I was wondering how durable the touchscreen would be on a desktop…I know they are fairly decent on our tablets and iPad…but I still have the warranties…my kids have my less than graceful genes…lol..

  101. meegan whitford says

    Thanks for the review and video! I need a new computer and this looks like a good choice!

  102. Carrie Conley says

    Great PC….Has every thing I need….My daughter emailed me her sonogram….

  103. Jason England says

    Love how interactive and fun the touchscreen can make using a pc.

  104. Angela Cash says

    I have been considering getting a TouchScreen computer to replace my laptop. I think I would probably enjoy playing with the Fresh Paint application as much as the kids!

  105. Wendy Mastin says

    I’m going to be a Grandma in April and they live far away. I would love to be able to talk to them through my computer. Thank you.

  106. says

    We’ve had good and bad things happen to us with HP computers (I personally have had nothing but good), so our family is torn between loving it and not being the biggest of fans, but this computer seems completely AWESOME!

    I can completely see how it’s family friendly, especially with younger age kids. Although I must say I’d probably have as much fun as little Emma on that paint program. LOL

    And this might actually be a computer my mom can use! She’s not very technologically savvy but I love her dearly regardless of how many “Kaylaaaaaa. Help mommy fix her computer” I get ^.^

  107. laurel says

    this is a great PC i have had my eye on it for a while and keep going back to look at it , so this is more information that I actually got from the sales clerk thanks so much @tomgirlbc

  108. ashli M. says

    This is definitely a great family addition. My nephew would love this. Kid friendly apps and touchscreen…. a dream come true.

  109. Rosey says

    I like that you can get the kids involved, and I like that the keyboard pops up on the touchscreen if you want it to be there. This seems like a great computer for getting the entire family involved in using it.

  110. Tian A. says

    I do really love the touchscreen feature. It’s new for me and if I won, I couldn’t wait to try it. Thank you for the review.

  111. Aimee C says

    My youngest would be soo happy with this since his brother got a tablet for Christmas and actually so would I and my husband now that I think about it. We have all been fighting for use of the tablet… :)

  112. natasha brodsky says

    That is amazing! I love the touch screen. I could sure use a replacement for my old computer! :D

  113. Rita Meadows says

    Good review. Importance of ease of set up and use important with busy families

  114. Linda Short says

    I like to stay in touch with Family and Friends during the Holidays face- to -face but sometimes that’s not possible, so i email those who i can’t see in person.

  115. says

    I love the touch screen, and the ability to draw! Definitely a great computer for younger kids so they are not tied to the keyboard and mouse, like a tablet but a computer.

  116. Ada Miller says

    For our family that lives out of town we skype with them,because being able to see them is a whole lot better than a phone call. Thanks for the great review! I think the touch screen part of it would be awesome,but its the windows 8 I’m afraid of. Ive used a vista for 5 yrs and so use to it..but then again I wouldnt mind getting use to it to have a better working computer either.

  117. Michelle S says

    Oh man this is very advanced from the olden days of computers! you can have the best of both worlds of a world class computer that’s also touchscreen.

  118. Amy Myers says

    I love that it has a touchscreen. That would really be convenient for me. Thanks for the review. :)

  119. Sarah L says

    It looks like your whole family had fun with this. I’d love to have a touch screen computer like this.

  120. Mya Murphy says

    I love your review! Absolutely love the touch screen. I can see myself leaving little love notes for my husband on there… :P

  121. Tanya White says

    My computers are old, All I can do is dream of owning something so up to date like this. We do have a iphone though with face time we use to connect with family and friends that are out of town.

  122. johnny-amy lynn says

    My unclke is a computer whiz and he said this is 1 of the best!!!

  123. Paul says

    My friend has this computer and it is very awesome, I would love to have one for myself, its amazing

  124. Erika Alford says

    I love HP – their computers, printers, and etc. I don’t even own an mp3 player or a tablet. I just have my phone and my laptop. I would love to be able to have a computer that helps me connect with my friends and family throughout the whole year and not just during the holidays! This computer looks amazing and looks like it would speed me up on the technology I have been missing out on!