Holiday Dessert Idea | Melting Snowman Hot Cocoa Cupcakes

When I’m in the grocery store I often wander down the baking aisle just to see what’s new and different. Occasionally I find something new on the shelves that I just have to try. It so happens when I was in Walmart last week I ran into a Betty Crocker Hot Cocoa Cupcakes mix that even has the marshmallow frosting included.

I thought they would be the perfect base for a melting snowman. Each cupcake is full of chocolaty goodness and a few bits of marshmallows then topped with a sweet marshmallow frosting. To make them fun just add a large marshmallow to the top and use tubes of frosting and gel to give each snowman a scarf, eyes and a nose.

melting snowman hot cocoa cupcakes recipe


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    Those are such adorable cupcakes. Wish they come out of screen. I would like to suggest something here as i love decorating cupcakes. They will look really good on white colored cupcake stands.