Helping Pets Deal with Holiday Stress from Comfort Zone® with Feliway®

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This post brought to you by Comfort Zone® products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Holidays are stressful for everyone, including our pets. Just this past Christmas our two cats were introduced to half a dozen new people all looking to pet our furry little friends. They spent most of the evening hiding behind furniture or trying to escape the kids all chaising them down for cuddles.

If you’re looking to help make holidays and family gathering a bit less stressful for your pets, there’s the Comfort Zone® with Feliway® spray and diffuser available.

About Comfort Zone® products

  • Comfort Zone® with Feliway® products for cats can help control destructive urine making and scratching associated with fear and stressful situations.
  • The Comfort Zone® with Feliway® diffuser continuously releases an odorless vapor that mimics the soothing feline facial pheremone. It’s perfect for plugging into a room where your cats spends most of the day or night. It’s also a good option for homes with multiply cats to diffuse tension.
  • The spray can be used for areas a cat has scratched or marked with urine.

Aside from holidays, our cats also experience stress during car rides to the vet or when they’re left home alone for long periods of time. We’ve got a door frame that the cats have scratched repeatedly when we leave home.

If you’re looking for Comfort Zone® with Feliway® products next time you’re shopping, be sure to check at PetSmart and Petco, both stores that carry the Comfort Zone® with Feliway® products.

There’s also a $10 off product coupon available on Facebook if this is a product you’d like to try in your home. Keep in mind that it’s recommended the product be used for 90 days to see the full effect for your cat (or dog). The instructions included with the packaging provides complete usage details.


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