Happy Halloween from Our Little Angel and Devil

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In years past I let the girls pick out their own costumes but this year I wanted to do something fun and matchy-matchy. It’s a bit corny but I fell in love with the idea of pairing the girls together as an angel and devil. Oddly, they each picked the side that their little personalities match.

We took them out to the annual Trick-or-Treat Street at the park over the weekend and hopefully they’ll be able to go trick-or-treating for real tonight. The wind is suppose to pick up this afternoon and it’s probably the coldest Halloween that I can even remember. If all else fails I’ll let them visit a few houses and just pick out their favorite candy bar from the grocery store.

What did your little ones dress up as this year?

angel and devil girl costumes

angel and devil costumes

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  1. Your girls are cute :) Gabe and David match. Gabe is Black Spiderman and David is regular spiderman. Cadence is Rapunzel… again.

  2. Their costumes are so cute and oh my gosh I just love that second photo! Adorable! We went out for an hour or so and got soaking wet, my daughter was a raccoon underneath her coat :)

  3. Ha ha, that last picture is too cute. Stinks that it was so cold for you this year, but your girls looked adorable! I made my boys dress up like I wanted them to as well. My sister found this amazing Disney store costume at a garage sale for $3. It was Sulley from Monsters Inc. I bought a Mike Wazowski costume so they could both be from Mosters Inc. I let them wear some of their super hero dress up stuff to school but they wore the Monsters Inc costumes for me for trick-or-treating. They looked adorable and I was a happy mama.

  4. Very cute! Too funny that they each picked out the costumes that fit their personalities.

    My daughter was a rag doll and my son was Spider-Man. I love Halloween!

  5. Your kids are twins!!


  6. Hahaha they’re just too cute and love that they have the opposite costumes :)

  7. Oh my goodness too cute!

  8. Both girls look great in their costumes.

  9. Very cute! They each seem to know their rolls well :D


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