Happy 3rd Birthday Emmaleigh Sue Helen – My Baby!

I was joking on Facebook this morning that now that Emma is three it’s probably time I stop calling her my baby. Even though she clearly walks, talks, recites the alphabet and can use an iPhone better than I can, she’s still my baby. She’ll always be my baby! Evidently I’m not the only mom that refers to her youngest as the baby seeing from the replies that there are adults still being called the baby.

So I guess it’s okay if I do too. :)

This morning we woke up and celebrated Emma’s birthday with a little surprise including a giant bean bag chair and two HUGE stuffed animals – her favorites – Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Her “real” party isn’t until tomorrow but we wanted to make today special too. We’ll be doing that with a trip to Build-a-Bear, a tradition of ours for all holidays and birthdays.


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    Because I saw it was a birthday post, I just had to stop over and wish this beautiful “baby” a sweet birthday wish.
    Happy Birthday Emmaleigh! You gorgeous girl!

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THAT SWEETIE PIE! Boy, she sure does love her Micky & Minnie doesn’t she. I have a little girl like that too! She’s 32 yrs. old & she has a little boy like that who’s four. ~hehehe~ Many happy wishes for your birthday girl!