Good Morning, Let’s Start the Day Off with a Prompt Care Visit

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The only thing worse than getting woken up by an alarm clock on a Sunday morning is having your entire day thrown off schedule with a little Prompt Care visit.

We were already off schedule today with my husband taking a job that ended at 3am, a new one that started at 9am and toss in a few thunderstorms scaring the kids out of the beds. It really got us all off to a grumpy start for the day.

Then, just as we were making breakfast plans and a trip to the park to enjoy the nice weather we heard the dreaded words …

Mommy, there’s a bead in my ear.

Son-of-a-witches broom not again!!!!!!!!!

Right around the age of 3 our son stuck an M&M up his nose that required a turkey baster to suck out. Then at the same age our daughter broke off a crayon tip in her nose that once again needed a good suction to pull out. We almost ended up in the ER both times because they were lodged up there. And here we are again with our third and final child with something stuck somewhere. Except this time she went for the ear.

So we grabbed a flashlight and peeked inside her ear to find a big purple plastic bead stuck so far down the ear canal there was no way tweezers were going to get that thing.

After a little discussion we decided going to Prompt Care was the best plan. The wait times are usually less than 10 minutes and it’s soooo much cheaper than the ER. As it turns out, Prompt Care is fully equipped to deal with everything except things stuck in ears. Go figure. They have no suction. Neither does our daughter’s pediatrician or the Express Care.

I don’t know about you but sitting in the ER with a 4+ hour wait time with a cranky toddler is not my idea of a good time so we opted for plans B and C before plan D (ER).

Plan B – go buy a nose suction thingy to pull the bead out. No such luck. Those things may be helpful for boogers but beads, not so much.

Plan C – NOT RECOMMENDED – place some super glue on a Q-Tip, attach it to the bead and pull. (I’m not a medical professional but I’m pretty sure they would tell you to never ever do this!)

After three attempts Plan C actually worked!!!!

bead stuck in toddlers ear

So after $50 in useless supplies and fees, one expert opinion and hours of frustration, it all came down to a Q-Tip and glue. Fortunately, we’re all out of kids, they each learned the lesson for themselves and I’m hoping we never get to deal with objects stuck in odd places ever again.

The funniest thing about this whole ordeal was the fact that I actually predicted it would happen two years ago. –>


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  1. says

    Oh my goodness!!!! I don’t think I’d ever thought of using a qtip with superglue!! Glad it turned out good.

    • says

      Me too. I was worried I’d glue the Q-tip to her ear and have to explain that one to the ER doctor. lol Although I’m pretty sure they’ve seen stranger things happen.

  2. says

    Oh my goodness.

    That is amazing. I am impressed by your ingenuity and your steady hand. I hope the rest of the week is calmer. Your family has had it’s share of medical things lately!

  3. says

    Oh gosh, glad she is okay. When Zoe was almost 4 she stuck a Lego man’s head up her nose. Luckily I could pry it out with the tweezers, it was still very scary!

  4. says

    I’ll never understand why kids put things in places they shouldn’t, lol. Were you afraid the superglue would adhere in her ear? Very innovative to say the least. ;) Glad you got it out and she’s doing well!

    • says

      Oh man, I was terrified we’d end up in the ER with not only the bead stuck in there but the Q-tip glued in too. Fortunately I was super careful and used the tiniest amount of glue. However I did drip the glue on my brand new shirt. :/

    • says

      LOL Courtney – it’s amazing what kids will find and do. The good thing is you’ve got experiences like these to know about ahead of time. Your daughter WILL stick something somewhere. :P

  5. Julie says

    I just came across your blog today, and this made me LOL as I JUST used a turkey baster last night to get corn out of my 22 month old’s nose! My husband wasn’t home, and I didn’t want to pack up both kids to go to the walk-in clinic, so I was looking around the house to figure out what would possibly work. Kids do the funniest things. I’ll have to remember the super glue q-tip if things go up the nose or in the ear again.