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*This is a sponsored campaign for PickURGift through Brandfluential.

Gift giving and receiving can be a touchy subject. On one hand it’s disappointing to give or receive a gift that isn’t liked. On the other hand, a gift should always be appreciated no matter what it is.

Gifting has even gotten to the point where it’s not even personal anymore when you just hand out gift cards or cash for birthdays and holidays. Whether you’re shopping for local family member or a distant friend, there’s a new option available that puts a personal touch on gifting without impersonal gift cards, the hassle of gift receipts or worrying about the dreaded re-gifting. is a free online community and service that allows you to give the gift of choice. After registering you can create wishlists full of gift ideas for the people you love. Then your giftee can give you feedback on your choices, choose the gifts they really want and it’s up to you to decide what to purchase and give. It’s the perfect way to pick a gift you know someone will love!



Create Gift Pages for Friends, Family & Co-Workers

One standout feature of is the ability to build a list of contacts also known as your “People Bank”. These contacts can be grouped into categories like friends and family. You can also save additional details about each person like important dates such as birthday or anniversary. More importantly, you can save information about their clothing size, shoes size or add your own. One of my contacts was a fellow blogger and I saved her Pinterest profile url and blog url so I could reference it for gift ideas.


Create a Gift Page and Start Shopping

Unlike traditional wishlists, PickURGift handles the process a little differently. Rather than create a list of gifts you want, you create a list full of gifts you’d like to give to friends and family in your People Bank. PickURGift offers a button that you add to your browsers bookmark bar so you can “window” shop anywhere on the web you’d like.


When I started shopping for Rachel, I visited a lot of different sites including one of my personal favorites, Bed Bath & Beyond. When I found a product I thought Rachel would like I simply clicked on the button in my bookmarks toolbar and the PickURGift window pops up. You can select the giftee you’re shopping for, their gift page and save information about the product including where you found it, how much it costs, color and a notes section where you can add additional information. Sometimes websites don’t cooperate with the PickURGift button and you’ll find the image doesn’t pop up. You can manually change that by saving the correct image to your computer, add the item with the wrong image to your gift page and go back to later to edit the gift and upload the correct image.


You can add gifts all in one day or shop periodically throughout the year to build the perfect gift page. Once the page is complete you can send the page to your contact so they can choose the gifts they like. There’s even a feedback box on the page so you can chat about the gifts and other ideas.

pickurgift page


There are two things that make this process a lot of fun. 

1. You can stop giving gifts (and awful gift receipts) that someone may not like.

2. This doesn’t take all the surprise out of gift giving. Even though the giftee selects the gifts they would like, you still get to choose which gifts to buy. That’s a very welcome surprise for the giftee!

Rachel made a gift page for me and created pretty much the perfect selection. It wasn’t easy choosing gifts but it sure was fun waiting to see what would be delivered. This beautiful surprise landed on my doorstep last week and of course it’s PERFECT for me because I got to pick it out!

le creuset red

The best part of this shopping experience was the choice. Not only did I get to choose gifts I knew I would love and use but my giftee got to pick her perfect gift too!  Be sure to checkout online to create your own gift pages.

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  1. Oooh, I want one of those SO BAD! I love this idea!

  2. Great post, Cat. I’m with ya 100%. This was so much fun playing around with and picking out gifts. And I agree that it doesn’t completely take the fun and surprise out of it, because your giftee gets to choose!

  3. Cat,
    I really want to thank you for your insight. We will continue to listen to our users and improve the user experience and interface.

    Rick Swenson and Nick Rouhier

  4. I’m jealous of your gift!