Getting My Walk On

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Since the older kids are in school now I can commit a whole lot more time to fitness. The only road block is Miss Emma is still home with me. In order to get my long walks in I had to grab a stroller today, one that was lightweight and sturdy enough to take on several miles a day. I ended up coming home with a Chicco Liteway and dragged her along for a pretty long ride (we did 5 miles total).

emma smiles on bike trail

I love using the Chatham Interurban Bike Trail for my walks because it’s long (8.3 miles each way), paved, quiet and peaceful. Occasionally a bike rider zooms by but otherwise you’re pretty secluded and free to listen to your own thoughts.

chatham interurban bike trail

 Do you take walks? Where do you like to go?

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  1. Good for you!!! I wanna start walking around the neighborhood with S in the stroller when it gets cooler. It is just way to hot right now! :)

    • It just started cooling down for us. When it was super hot I’d go at night after the kids go to bed. Not the safest option but it works.

  2. I love taking walks in our nature park. Luckily living in Oregon we have no no shortage of outdoor trails.

    I have to say I love that this stroller has a cup holder, I swear they need to be standard on strollers! Oh and Emma is adorably kissable!

    • You’re so lucky! I’d love to have all that wooded area to take little adventures in … but the rain and clouds would put me over the edge.

  3. It’s still SO HOT here (wah wah) – about 100 degrees daily. But once it cools down we’ll be hitting the trails for sure :)

  4. 8 miles each way? Wow, I’m happy to get in 3 miles!! I’m hitting the gym since the kids went back to school – love it!

    • Oh I haven’t walked the full 16 miles yet, but that’s my goal for next year. Right now I putter out right at 5 miles (2.5 each way).

  5. Thankfully we are past the stroller but we aren’t huge walkers but we do run and sometime Shae and Shaun will ride their bikes with us. Glad you were able to get out and get a nice long walk in.

    Happy WW!

  6. 5 miles?! You rock! We have a trail system right behind our neighborhood – I forget how long it is, but it’s got to be at least 10 miles? I don’t use it, but I really should!!

  7. It’s finally cooling down here so I really should start walking again! We live on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, so I walk down tot he bridge or down and around the corner to the old barn and back.

  8. I usually drive to a park and then walk there because my neighborhood consists of just one street and cul-de-sac. I can only go up and down twice before I hate my life.

  9. Carolyn G says:

    5 miles? Woo. That is fantastic. I walk on my treadmill. Not as pretty but it’s something! Keep up the good work

  10. When my son use to be in the stroller I love taking walks with him. Great way to have some “you’ time

  11. That looks like a flat place to walk. It is all hills here at the edge of the VA mountains. Pushing a stroller up a hill will give you a quick reality check for sure!

  12. Sarah P says:

    I’m off during the summer, so I make a commitment to walk my dog every weekday. We get out early to avoid the heat. I take her around the neighborhood for about 3 miles. Its hard to keep up with it when I go back to work because of the time it takes. This year I’m trying to make a commitment to take her at 3 times a week once I go back to work. We will see.

  13. That looks like a very nice place to walk! We take walks every day as part of my physiotherapy.

  14. I walk with my kids at the park, there isn’t a good place to walk on our road where we live.

  15. I love walking. We have a pretty neat walking/biking/running area here on this side of IL too, it’s not as secluded and peaceful as yours looks to be, but it’s pretty nice and long. I try to squeeze in a long walk or a run at least 4 times a week.

    • I was surprised by how many bike trails we have around here. Which part of IL are you in again?

      • I’m in Lake county, pretty close to Wisconsin. I have to admit the only thing I miss about living in Chicago is walking by the lake and all the outdoor space it offers right in the middle of the city. We have lake(s) close by here, but it’s not the same.

  16. I’ll be starting my exercise routine back up when the older two start back up at school. Then when littlest man takes a nap I’ll do a DVD or something.

  17. Diane says:

    I have been using my treadmill all summer because of the gagging 100 plus temps and also using our rowing machine( killer) but it’s just starting to cool down ( meaning mid 90’s lol) if you consider that a cool down..I love going about 10 minutes away and we have a wonderful park with a beautiful walking track with a lake and beautiful greenery so as son as the weather allows I’m there!
    Good luck to you on your walks and love that Adorable photo!

  18. The only walking I have been doing is at the gym. It has been triple digits and way to hot for a walk in the morning, noon or night.

    Good job on your 5 miles!

  19. that looks like a great stroller – I would love to take Violet for walks with me, but she would rather walk than go in the stroller!

  20. What a trooper (you BOTH) for taking that 5 mile walk! And good for you for getting back into your fitness routine :)

    I personally LOVE walks, but I haven’t been able to take many the past couple of months due to health. I REALLY hope I’ll be doing well for Fall because it’s my favorite season and I would love to take many walks!

  21. I really need to get back in to walking!