Gardening | I’m Growing My Own Little Apple Orchard

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Well, technically I’m not growing a whole orchard and nothing has been planted yet but I did order two apple trees. For years I’ve dreamed of having access to my own homegrown apples and this year is going to be the year. I did some research and found out that in order to grow Granny Smith apples (my favorite) you have to have a second apple tree. Something about being a pollinator. It just so happens I tried a Pink Lady Apple last week and fell in love with it.

apple trees

We’re pretty limited on yard space since I planted the Magnolia tree smack in the middle of the front yard then the backyard has the swing set, raised bed garden, a big Autumn Blaze Maple and the trampoline. The only space left is our side yard. I opted for semi-dwarf apple trees that should produce fruit in about 5 years or so. The little trees are set to be delivered and planted in November and well, until this time five years from now I’m just gonna have to be patient.

Do you grow any fruit trees in your yard?

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    How fun! I planted a dwarf Meyer Lemon tree a couple years ago (in a pot) and this year I have a whopping 2 lemons! I am so proud of them though :) I have a HUGE yard with nothing in it. I would love to know where you ordered your apple trees from. Not a bad idea.

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      Aww you should totally be proud of those two little lemons. I always wanted to grow a little lemon tree but I’m afraid it wouldn’t survive here very long with our winters.

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        That’s why I have it in a pot so that I can bring it on during the winter months. I am hoping for more lemons next year since it is supposed to yield fruit by the third year. *fingers crossed*

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    Those are two of my favorite apples too! Have you tried Jazz? They’re pretty incredible. I don’t have a yard, but we used to have so much stuff growing up. I’ll never forget visiting my grandparent’s house. LOVE! They had all the citrus in trees and bananas! Yum :)

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      LOL you must be my twin … I just picked up half a dozen Jazz apples to make some applesauce with (mixed with Pink Lady apples). They are insanely juicy, love them!

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    Good for you ordering those trees! And how exciting ^.^

    We personally don’t have any fruit trees (we barely have trees at all where we’re located) but it is a dream of ours to one day own a farm where we CAN have fruit trees and all sorts of other farm life goodies.

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    Hunter wants to grow apple trees. But we aren’t planning on living here for too much longer. Maybe when we buy a house we’ll plant some trees. I hope it works out!

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    So…I got TOTALLY suckered into an “As Seen on TV” e-mail for blueberry bushes earlier this year…produced credit card number, ordered said bushes and even threw in a “free” Banana Tree just for agreeing to take a survey. Ummm…yeah. The Blueberry Bushes were twigs. THANKFULLY I doubled my order for only the additional cost of shipping ($6.99 more) at the time that I placed my order, because more than half of them were dead on arrival. I was a bit surprised by the small size of the twigs (er, um, Blueberry Bushes) on arrival…but, decided to support them as well as I could. I bought sand (apparently they like sandy dirt), fertilizer, and dug them a bed. We planted them. A few grew. Then, on our anniversary (in June), I happened across Blueberry Bushes a whopping 90% off at our local garden center — $1.97 later I had one…which I presented to my husband as an anniversary gift! It is huge…and we just might have blueberries in oh, say…5 years! (Again — any way to post a picture? This would be a good one!)

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    We don’t have enough space in our yard to grow a fruit tree, it makes me sad. I really love pink lady apples but have never been a granny smith fan. They are just too tart for me. Even though you’re going to have to be patient, it’s going to be awesome when you do finally have that fruit!