Gardening Find | Miracle-Gro Kids Mickey Mouse Vegetable Greenhouse

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Last summer we started our first real home gardening project. With the help of family we were able to construct a raised bed garden, fill it with vegetables, herbs and in the process teach our kids about growing food. It was a pretty large scale project that the kids seem to quickly lose interest in. They thought of it more as mommy’s garden than something they could enjoy too.

This year things are a bit different. We got a late start to our garden and were so rushed in getting it planted that I didn’t really get to involve the kids. However, thanks to Miracle-Gro I was able to get them involved on a smaller scale and include them in the gardening.

Miracle-Gro offers a unique line of products designed for kids including this Mickey Mouse Greenhouse that makes it easy for children to learn, grow and harvest their own vegetable garden. Each kit comes with everything you need including: soil, seeds, growing information, plant markers and the sweetest little greenhouse to grow the seeds in.

The Mickey Mouse Greenhouse comes with tomato, cucumber and sweet pepper seeds. With a little assistance, my 3 year old daughter was able to fill the cups with soil and plant the seeds.

MiracleGro Mickey Mouse Garden Kit

I even reserved a little spot in our garden for the greenhouse to sit and when the seeds get going, we’ll eventually transplant them to their very own space in the garden. In a few short weeks I’ll be updating you with pictures of the sprouts and eventually the vegetables we get to harvest.

miracle gro mickey mouse greenhouse

Until then, you can visit Miracle-Gro Kids online where you’ll find an assortment of growing kits including Disney themes, flowers, vegetables and even a really cool root viewer kit.

miracle gro kids products

Disclosure – I was provided with Miracle-Gro Kits.

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  1. says

    I just love Miracle-Gro. Last year I used some kits for kids to start my veggie garden but these Disney grow kits are super cute!

  2. says

    Aw, what a really great way to get kids involved in gardening and learning about being self sustainable!
    All it takes is something like that to capture their interest and hopefully keep it going for years to come :)