Food Finds | Turkey Day Cookies & Cupcakes

When I think about Thanksgiving desserts, the usual suspects come to mind … pumpkin pie … pecan pie … maybe even a cranberry crisp. But what about the people that don’t like pies or crisps? I know they exist because I didn’t like any of those growing up and I know quite a few people that hate pumpkin. So this Thanksgiving, check out these incredible turkey day cookies and cupcakes that will surely please everyone at the table.

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    I ran over here to stumble this and someone already beat me to it. LOVE IT!, Ha it was you! You did a great round up.

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    Those are so so cute! I wish I could make things that pretty. I would attempt and they would not look near as good. That’s why I can gawk at those photos. :)

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    Those pie cupcakes are fab. I have a boring family who rather eat cookies than pies and cakes. Me other the other hand, I want all the pie I can get!

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    These are some of the cutest creations I’ve ever seen for thanksgiving. What a wonderful use of a Nutter Butter cookie :)