Food Find | Marifano Wood Fired Pizzas at Walmart

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Not long ago I had stopped in Walmart to pick up a few groceries. It was suppose to be a quick in and out trip but while the kids were picking out yogurt something in the frozen case caught my eye. It was this Marifano Margherita Pizza. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of frozen pizzas. After you’ve had the real deal fresh out of a wood fire oven, they just don’t quite excite the taste buds. But since I don’t happen to have a pizza oven and can’t got trotting into a restaurant for one anytime I want, frozen just has to make do to satisfy my craving.

Now this pizza, the thing that caught my interest was the fact that it’s wood-fired and made with real mozzarella cheese, not the shredded stuff you usually see on frozen pizzas. Well that and the box made it look pretty darn good.

Out of the box it looks a bit sparse on the cheese. I wasn’t feeling real confident about it.

marifano margherita wood fired pizza frozen

Once it came out of the oven though, my feelings took a turn. The cheese was melty, gooey and spread all over. And the crust … perfect.

marifano wood fired pizza baked

What wasn’t so impressive was the serious lack of sauce on this pizza. I had to actually pull up the cheese to see if maybe they forgot to put it on there but it’s there, just very light. I can say that I would definitely buy it again because it tasted quite good, I think I would just grab a bottle of marinara sauce to dip it in.

baked marifano margheria pizza

*I have no relationship with Marifano or Walmart, this is a personal discovery while shopping.

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  1. Linda says

    I purchased one these pizza’s at Walmart recently and found it to be the best frozen pizza I have ever had. I bought the 3 cheese variety. I liked everything about it. The crust was tender, crisp and not too thin around the edge. I was very impressed with the sauce. First of all, I thought it was just the right amount. It did not overpower the rest of the pizza. The crust stayed crisp and the toppings did not slide off in a solid chunk when you took a bite because of too much sauce. Also, the sauce was very fresh looking and tasting. The spices were PERFECT. Not too overpowering and they had a very fresh taste. I will definitely be buying this again and again. I just hope Walmart continues to carry it.

  2. Porcha says

    Now this has got to be the best frozen pizza I have ever had, so much so that I had to Google it and came across this article and felt compelled to post a comment. I brought the Spinach and Cheese (S&C) and the one with Mushrooms and Onions (M&O), however, just for dinner tonight I decided to heat up the M&O. Now I have tried several different brands of frozen pizza before so I now know better than to overheat the pizza because I hate nothing more than crusty and hard pizza. I made it following the directions as per the box. After my oven preheat, I left it in for 7 minutes or so, and VOILA! YUMMY, SOFT, TASTY, (and I even dear to say) FRESH RESTAURANT (style) pizza! I am going to recommend this pizza to friends and others! This is going to be my new thing…NEVER going back to the other brands again!

  3. Lyndi says

    Only one Wal-Mart in our area carried it, but now even they don’t. The manager couldn’t look in his computer without a UPC to scan, which of course I didn’t have that on me (duh). Hope we get it back soon! I agree—-best pizza I ever had (got to this site because of my love for it)!